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Three Unique Beauty Trends for This Year

When it comes to beauty many things matter; these include diet, lifestyle, health, fitness, hair and makeup. It is important none of these factors are missed as one has a big impact on the other.  When it comes to unique beauty trends, then the three listed below are ideal to try out and explore to find a healthier and beautiful new you! Surely worth a go and a lovely experience that will have you looking as wonderful as ever!

Let’s start with the nails! A matte effect on the nails is a new trend, which must be tried. Using matte nail polish is an immediate way to add that contemporary touch to your look and doesn’t even take up much of your time. Adding that modern touch to your nails is definitely worth trying this season and is accomplishable using the Ciate Velvet Manicure or the Barry M Classic matte Nail Paint. Both these polishes will deliver a deluxe and satin-like finish to your nails and look ever so amazing! Alternatively, you can also use the OPI Matte Top Coat over your current nail polish to gorgeously renovate the finish; and make them stronger!

opi nail

Health and fitness is more important than you think! That is why the aqua spinning activity is a must-try fitness activity for this season. It is specifically helpful with muscle toning and fat-busting. It requires you to spread quickly across the water and helps burn up to 800 calories per hour as the water friction beats away the uneven and cellulite skin. It is a challenging activity, but works a wonder!


Finally, a little something to make a part of your daily intake and adjust your diet! We’ve had the physical activity and now it’s time for some consumption, which is both healthy and tasty! Beauty drinks make a nice change to the normal tea and coffee and are good for you! Some products include; Fountain from Boots, which delays the ageing process with just one teaspoon a day. Alternatively, you can also opt for the Revitalized Collagen Shots, which keep cells fully hydrated and help increase energy levels. Muscle Health Nutrition Shakes are ideal to try and you also get a treat of the creamy milk chocolate!

muscle drink

These beauty promoters are a little something for 2014 and a must try for all!

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