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20 Gram Gold Necklace Designs for Women

Jewelry is women’s admiration. From bracelets to necklaces, there are many fashionable designs available in the market. Just like when you choose a dress they are going wear, necklaces should be selected in such a way that can suit your style preference and body types. Big necklaces are now very popular because they can generate a bold statement. There are many stylish designs for 20 gram gold necklaces from modest design to the one with flamboyant layers. If you do not want to have a chunky chain, you can turn the 20 gram gold into a pendant hanging on a thin chain. In jewelry stores, you can find many types of pendants. Because it is 20 gram gold, you have rooms to explore the designs. Some women love elaborate designs incorporating gemstones. This ornate design belongs to modern pendant because the traditional one usually has modest designs.

20 gram gold necklace designs trend

Another idea for 20 gram gold necklaces is a choker. Usually a choker is worn to complement strapless dress because it accentuates neck and shoulder. It is worn at the base of the neck. Just above the collarbone. The designs range from modest to bold. With 20 gram gold, it is possible for you to make it into a chunky choker style. The latest trend is beaded chokers. Do you want to try that? A choker is intended for party like prom, cocktail, or wedding reception. Cascade necklace design is also popular. Cascade style incorporate artistic and chic multiple strands. Cascade necklaces work well for both strapless and V-neck tops. Wearing this necklace, you will look feminine. You can add colorful glass balls to create a bolder and more dramatic look. It looks a lot like Bohemian necklaces. For a more elaborate look, you can try bib-styled necklace. In this style some strands are arranged from the collar area either vertically or horizontally. Since the design is elaborate, this necklace is ideal for special occasion.

20 gram gold necklace designs 2013

For more casual occasion, simpler design of 20 gram gold necklaces is available. Think about a single gold strand necklace. This style sounds old-fashioned but it is not at all. Even, it is considered as a classic style that is always in trend. They are available in different lengths. As single strand gold is simple, it promotes high versatility. When you wear such chunky necklaces, make sure your dress top especially the neckline is simple otherwise you will look ‘busy’.

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