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Top Five Makeup Mistakes and How to Fix Them

The last thing you want to do is have ten minutes to get ready for an event and make a mistake with your makeup! It always happens and results in a low mood throughout the day, which is really not a pretty sight. However, it’s easy to avoid the main errors once you know how, which is why today you’re ... Read More »

Three Natural Face Mask Ingredients

Face masks are there for a reason and it’s important we treat our skin to this lovely luxury! When it comes to ingredients and face masks, then the best face masks that make a real difference to the skin are the natural ones; as they are chemical-free. There is so much to use and choose from for when it comes ... Read More »

Get the Perfect Blush Every Time

Using blush is one of the best ways to enhance your cheekbones, which are pretty hard to miss; meaning it must be done right as it’s an area everyone will see. When it comes to the cheeks, then these only fulfil their purpose when they are covered in a lovely tone of blush. However, when it comes to blush, then ... Read More »

Eye Makeup Tips for Beginners

When it comes to makeup and eyes, then it surely brings them out and makes them look ever so graceful. However, it should not be overdone and it is important the makeup suits your style and doesn’t look odd. Eye makeup is very important as they are a feature on the face, which is pretty hard to miss. We all ... Read More »

Stunning Nail Art Trends

If you have beautiful long nails or acrylics, then at some point you will surely be tempted to decorate them. Designing and decorating can be so much fun and gives them a stunning look. The design, colors and other accessories you use to decorate your nails tends to bring out your personality and if it actually is you, then what ... Read More »

Do you Know Your Foundation Colors?

Applying foundation to your face and how well you blend it actually makes you look younger than your age. This is because it gives you a lovely complexion, which creates a beautiful even tone. Choosing the right foundation is the important part when it comes to foundation as the shade you use needs to match your skin color and even ... Read More »