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Colorful Wedding Dresses: Inspiring Non-White Gowns

colorful wedding dresses 2013

Wedding dresses are always identical with white color. It is because white symbolizes purity. White wedding dress itself has become a classic option since a century ago. However, modern brides become interested to try something which is out of the box. By looking unique, their wedding will be more memorable. This can be achieved from wearing a dress in unusual ... Read More »

Mori Lee Wedding Dresses Collections

mori lee wedding dresses 2013

Mori Lee is one of the famous brands of Western bridal dresses. The dresses are designed by Madeline Gardner, a talented and popular designer from New York City. Wearing a stunning designer dress in a wedding is a dream for all girls. If you plan to get married and are still confused in selecting the wedding dresses, you can consider ... Read More »

Mormon Wedding Dresses Rules

Mormon wedding dresses modest

For Mormon women, the wedding dress she wears in the wedding ceremony should follow the Mormon wedding dresses rules. The dress is not quite different from other religious wedding dress. Mormon has been seen as a culture. Even non-Mormon women want to celebrate their marriage in a Mormon wedding. The wedding will take place in an official Mormon temple that ... Read More »

Short Lace Wedding Dress: Timelessly Classic Style with a Modern Touch

Short lace wedding dress 2013

Lace wedding dresses are considered as timelessly classic. Long before not all lace fabrics have high quality. Some of them have poor quality so that careful selection should be made. Fortunately right now many lace fabrics with better quality are available in the market. The lace fabric is soft and comfortable. Moreover, it can create feminine and beautiful look. Lace ... Read More »

Wedding Dresses San Diego Shops

Wedding Dresses San Diego county

Are you in the middle of preparing a wedding? One of the things that should be prepared is of course the wedding dresses. Depending on where you live, you can find wedding dresses that you like. Are you living in San Diego? Well, there are many bridal stores and boutiques in San Diego offering various dresses for your wedding day. ... Read More »

Retro Wedding Dresses in Different Styles

retro wedding dresses uk

Retro wedding dresses belong to vintage style which was born in the era of 1970s. Have you ever heard about that? Such vintage style is not only popular in that era but also in this modern time. There are some styles of retro bridal gowns. The most popular one is British Style. As the name implies, this style was originated ... Read More »

Maternity Dresses for Weddings that Make Pregnant Brides Look Awesome

maternity dresses for weddings special occasions

Do you still remember the weddings of Jennifer Garner, Kate Winslet, Reese Witherspoon, Ashlee Simpson, Jessica Alba, and Gwyneth Paltrow? In these celebrity weddings, the brides are all pregnant. Mums-to-be becomes brides-to-be. It now becomes common for women to get pregnant first before getting married. Pregnant brides often find it difficult get the appropriate maternity dresses for weddings that make ... Read More »

Wedding Day Underwear for Your Biggest Day

personalized wedding day underwear

Wedding day underwear is a crucial part of wedding dress preparation. Sometimes, many brides focus more on the gown they are going to wear than on the underwear beneath the gown. In fact, wedding underwear is very important. It gives support, shape your figure, thus makes you look sexy. There are a lot of choices such as briefs, bustier, corsets, ... Read More »

Plus Size Bridal Lingerie that Looks Sexy

plus size bridal underwear

Long before, plus size bridal lingerie was not widely available as it is today. It seemed that plus size women were overlooked. Fortunately, that old paradigm has changed. There is increasing demand of plus size fashion clothing including bridal lingerie. Plus size brides are able to look as sexy as slimmer brides. If you notice, there are many plus size ... Read More »