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Vivienne Westwood Belt Fashion for both Men and Women

Belt is not only for men but for women too. Women need a belt for several purposes. It functions not only to give a finishing look but to hide imperfection. Vivienne Westwood Belt is available in numerous styles. You can choose one of them depending on your figure such as skinny belts for women having slim waists, low-slung belts to show off their curves, etc. Colors also vary from light to dark. For those having full torsos or thick waists, choose a belt in dark and solid color to give a thinner illusion of the waists. Women whose body is pear-shaped are also recommended to wear wide belts because the belts can accentuate their waist and bust to balance with larger thighs and hips. It can be said that belts can help women to look better. Therefore, the demand of women’s belt is increasing. That is why many designers offer a wide selection of belt including Vivienne Westwood.

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For a classic Vivienne Westwood belts for women, you can consider Medium Bas Relieve Belt Gunmetal. It is made of real leather in excellent quality. It is inspired by Orb and Satellite ring from Vivienne Westwood. The belt looks very elegant because the pewter setting is coated with Swarovski Crystals. You can buy this luxurious belt for £265.00. Alternatively, you can think of wearing Alex Belt collection from Vivienne Westwood. There are three color options such as black, dark brown and chestnut brown. They are made of cow leather, stainless steel, and gold. Gold metal is used in the embossed letter. Alex Belts are less expensive than the Medium Bas. You can buy it at only £95.00. All the belts are available in three sizes, S, M, and L. S is for small waist, M for medium waist, and L is for large waist.

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What about for Vivienne Westwood belts men? The selections are greater than those for women because apart from Medium Bas and Alex Belts, there are also stripy ribbon belts and braces. They are all ideal for office wear or casual wear, making any men wearing it look smart, fashionable and manly. There are many online stores selling belts by Vivienne Westwood. Perhaps they offer the belts in different prices because each store gains different amount of profit. Therefore, observing several stores is suggested so you can find a store which sells the belts and other accessories in less expensive prices.

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