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Bras for Women: Must-Have Ones

It is common for women to own many different types of dresses in their closet. Different dresses are arranged according to their styles such as those for winter, summer, formal occasions, etc. Many of them also collect branded handbags, perfect heels, and jewelry. But, let’s move to the underwear wardrobe. Do you also have a wide selection of perfect bras? Some women perhaps feel that because bras are not seen directly, they are then considered less important than dresses. In fact, a proper bra can really change the way you look and feel. In the lingerie stores, you will see a wide range of bras. Due to the wide selection, you may get overwhelmed. Of course you do not need to buy all of them. At least, there are five bras for women that every women must have.  What are they? Let’s check out below.

T-shirt bra is the comfortable bra for everyday wear. Because it is worn daily, you should have some pieces of t-shirt bra. This type of bra is made of satin, cotton, or other smooth fabrics. That is why wearing this bra is very comfortable, making you feel like wearing nothing at all. Typically t-shirt bra is convertible. The bra has removable straps so you can change the strap styles from one-shoulder bra to halter, and more. The length of the straps can also be adjusted depending on your shoulders. For sexier look, buy black lace bra. Because this bra is sexy, women usually wear it for dates or special occasions. If you feel the lace is too intricate, making the bra noticeable when you wear thin dress, choose lace that lay fairly flat. Having other colored lace bra is also important. Choose sexy colors like deep red or hot purple.

For active women who like to do sport, a sport bra should exist in their wardrobe. Designed for sport, a sport bra is made of breathable fabric that absorbs sweat so that you stay cool during the activity. It is completed with an extra support for your chest to protect the breast tissue. Other must have bras for women are plunge bra and strapless bra. The plunge bra is worn when we wear a dress with low cleavage. It plunges deep into the line of the bust to show off the cleavage. Strapless bras, meanwhile are worn when we wear strapless dress. So, there won’t be any visible straps.

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