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Simple Wedding Gowns Designs for Outdoor

Outdoor wedding add natures and pleasant atmosphere for any casual wedding. This atmosphere can be set not only through the wedding outdoor decoration but also through the dress the bride is wearing. When planning an outdoor wedding, first you should decide on the theme that can help you pick the wedding dress’ design. Typical themes for outdoor wedding are beach wedding, garden wedding, and cruise ship wedding. No matter what theme you pick for your wedding is, the most suitable dresses are simple wedding gowns. Why should the design of the dress be simple? Of course there are several reasons behind that. First, outdoor weather is sometimes unfriendly. Usually, an outdoor wedding is held in summer as this season is considered the most blissful season ever. However, in summer the weather can be very hot. A wedding gown with elaborate designs just make the bride uncomfortable thus can’t take pleasure in the party.
Simple wedding gowns with sleeves

Simple wedding gowns also mean simple materials and embellishment. Within such simple gowns, your look will be more natural. It is in line with the essence of outdoor wedding that is to blend with nature. In outdoor location, there will be dirt, mud, and grass stains. To prevent your dress being ruined by the stains and dirt, wear a pair of high heels. Even, you can think of wearing back-shoes. Such shoes are intended to prevent the dress to reach the ground when you are walking. It will be better if you think about short wedding dress. You can still look glamorous with a short dress. Some actress like Nancy Shovel and Jennifer Garner also wear a simple short dress but it can give a marvelous effect not only for themselves but for the whole wedding. Wearing a simple dress can also be a way to cut down the wedding cost. Compared to those which have complex ornament, simple dresses are cheaper but offerinb the same chic style

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Any colors work well with simple wedding gowns. Instead of white however, try other colors. A white dress is okay but if the design is already simple, the white dress will look plain. As the solution, you should play with the color. You can choose either vibrant colors or pastels. To give accents for your simple gown, style your hair in an attractive and elegant way. You can wear a tiara or flowers in your head, for instance. Wear a pretty pair of shoes or sandals that complement the gown.

Simple wedding gowns with sleeves

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