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Short Gown sketches for Beginners

Short dress sketches

Sketching a dress is not an easy thing to do except for artists or designers. But, it does not mean that unprofessional people like us cannot learn how to draw a gown. It is a bit challenging yet can be very fun when you know how to do it. At first, of course you need to decide what kind of ... Read More »

Long Lace Dress Red Spotted by Hollywood Stars

long lace dress red uk

Women who often follow news and trend of Hollywood fashion usually seldom get confused to choose what to wear for special events or occasions. Such women are eager to get inspired from Hollywood stars. If you notice, world class celebrities often wear long lace dress red when they appear in world famous events from music to movie awards. No wonder ... Read More »

Long Puffy Prom Dress: Make it more Voluminous

long puffy prom dresses 2011

A long puffy prom dress is one of the popular styles for bridesmaid. Sometimes it is also worn for prom and other parties as well. People love to wear this type of dress because of its puffy effect. However, sometimes if we buy a ready dress, it is not voluminous enough. Luckily, there are several tips to add volume to ... Read More »

Tiffany Girls Dresses for Prom

tiffany girls dresses prom

Fashionable women must be familiar with Tiffany Girls Dresses. Tiffany is a leading retailer and manufacturer in the world, especially in UK, which sell a wide array of dresses from proms and bridesmaid. You can shop for these beautiful dresses at the finest boutiques across Europe. Tiffany dress excels in quality because there are made high quality fabrics like chiffons, ... Read More »

A-Line Lace Wedding Dress Characteristics

a line lace wedding dress with sleeves

Many women love to wear A-line dress. This type of dress fits the body from chest to waist, than becomes wider from below the hips to the hem, creating “A” letter shape. That is why it is called an A-line dress. Because of its shape, this dress is often worn by women who have problems in their waist and legs ... Read More »

Peacock Short Dress: The Extravagance of Colors

peacock print short dress

Being unique is a way to attract people’s attention. Find a unique idea is not easy especially if we want to look unique in a beautiful way. There are a lot of ways to go unique. One of them is by wearing a peacock short dress. It offers both unique and style. This dress is unique because it displays the ... Read More »

Long Red Prom Dresses and Their Best Makeup to Wear

long red prom dresses cheap

Every dress style needs its own way to stand out. The wearer can use many things like using accessories, combining some colors, and wearing the right makeup. It also happens when we wear long red prom dresses. Here we will find out how to wear makeup for such dresses. You know, the makeup style depends not only from the color ... Read More »

Elegant Evening Dresses with Lace for Brides

elegant evening dresses with lace up

Every bride wants to look their best in a wedding day. Selecting the dress to wear can be really overwhelming, then. For evening wedding, the dress should be elegant and beautifully romantic. The most popular wedding dresses are made of chiffon. Chiffon only is not enough attractive. That is why wedding dresses are often embellished with lace. Elegant evening dresses ... Read More »

Wedding Dress Modern Bride Guidelines

wedding gowns modern bride

Wearing traditional dresses for wedding is no longer favorable. Traditional dresses are considered not practical. Wedding dress modern bride is more popular as brides can freely opt for the dress that they want without some strict rules. As a result the wedding dress will fit their personality and attitude. Even, modern wedding dress can be adapted in such a way ... Read More »

Black Evening Dresses to Be Worn to a Wedding

Note: All images are paid for stock photos. I believe that a lot of women have experienced the situation where they get confused to select a dress for an evening wedding reception. There are actually a lot of night gowns that can be worn. Black evening dresses are worth to try for this kind of occasion. At one time, not ... Read More »