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Dress with Long Back for Wedding Reception

Wedding invitation is received. It is time to buy a new gown, then. We should be wise when planning to shop for a new gown. Women usually get blind when shopping. They often buy anything that captures their interest without thinking about the size, budget, body type, and other considerations. Instead of spending money for nothing, buy only things that you have had yet. If you already have a strapless A-line dress, for instance, buy something that is really different from that in term of color, style, and the like. Try a dress with long back. This dress is also called as high low dress or asymmetrical dress. This dress looks unique do to the asymmetrical hemline where the back is long and the front is short. This dress is often worn for summer wedding reception. That is why it is often made of beautiful and comfortable fabrics like chiffon and satin. Just like other types of dress, there are several ways to make you look best in long back dress.

cocktail dress with long back

First, pick a dress with long back in the right style. Luckily there are a lot styles to choose from. Strapless, halter neck, and one shoulder style are some favorite options. Not only the designs, the color are also varied from plain to patterned, from neutral to bright. Just like other summer dresses, many of them come in animal prints, floral patterns, and polka dots. Don’t forget to add accessories that enhance your summery look. If you wear strapless or halter neck style, you need accessories to fill revealing space on your neck. Avoid small pieces as they won’t give any effect. Instead, try chunky jeweled necklace to accent the shoulder and neck area. A belt is a kind of accessory that complements your dress. It not only accentuates your waist but also break up solid color if you pick the contrasting color.

short dresses with long back

What about the shoes? The best shoes to go with a dress with long back are heels, boots, and wedges. Avoid ant flats as they do not complement the high low dress. The style of dress is perfect attire for summer occasions. You can wear it to a wedding reception, cocktail party, prom, and birthday party. Although it is best for summer, it can also be worn in all seasons in the year. It depends on how you accessorize it. Fitted bolero and jacket, for example, can be worn over the dress in chilly days.

dress with long back and short front

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