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Plus Size Lace Tops Ideas

Everyone has a place in fashion world including plus sized women. If you have large figure, don’t ever feel upset as there are a lot of outfit ideas for you. Lace tops are the fashion trend for this spring. Plus sized lace tops are available for large figured women. Combine lace with stripes. This year, stripes are in. This pattern is used not only for tops but for skirts and dresses as well. But if your skirt or pants already have striped pattern, don’t wear striped top. Stripes give a slimming illusion for plus sized women. Is that what you want? You can wear shirt or blazer in stripes. They all look good. Stripes can be either horizontal or vertical. To look your body slimmer, go for the vertical one. Avoid too narrow stripes. It is better to have stripes in that are wider than one inch so that the patterns will be more noticeable.

plus size lace tops for women

Another idea is to wear pretty peplum. It is a top that has a prance, tousle or short over-skirt attached at the waist. Wearing a peplum in lot of bright animal prints is really eye-catching. No one will focus on your plus-sized figure. Instead, people will get attracted by how great your look. What about the colors of plus size lace tops? Well, actually all colors can work. As bold colors are the fashion trend this year, you can try of them. Lace sober shirt teamed with vibrant colored trousers can make you stand out this spring. Again, don’t fret to play with colors. Bold colors are universal. Everyone can wear bold colored clothing. Choose colors that go well with your skin tone. For instance, women with warm skin tone look good in ivories, pastels or pure red colors. Meanwhile, lace tops incorporating jewel tones look amazing for those having cool skin tone.

plus size black lace tops

For casual wear, make sure you have some pieces of shirts in your wardrobe. They can come with long, short sleeves or even sleeveless. Such button down shirts are very comfy to wear. Lace can be incorporated to the shirts to make them more feminine. The best favorable style for this upcoming spring is open shoulder shirts in bold color. Team the plus size lace tops with long maxi. You know, maxi skirts are a must have piece for every plus sized woman. It gives you the touch of airiness and elegance especially when you walk.

plus size lace camisole tops

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