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Camo Wedding Dress Patterns

Are you about to prepare a camo wedding theme? You may need a camo wedding dress, then. Camo patterns look very special. When you want to go for this style, the focus is on the pattern. There will be less attention on the design of the dress although the dress design also needs to consider. There are several popular come patterns that you can choose from. You know camo patterns are originated from the patterns of military uniforms. They vary among different countries. Each manufacture and style may then have their own selection. With the numerous styles available, you can pick the natural style or the more traditional one. The best original pattern is the Advantage Classic camo. The patterns combine a large branch of tree or limbs and realistic leaves. The color features brown and dark green. This camo pattern looks gorgeous when combined with white fabric.

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For a more army look, opt for Green Army camo. This pattern is designed by Karin Maki. For richer patterns, the best choice is the Max 4 pattern by Realtree. It is one of the most popular camo patterns. It incorporates oak and cedar limbs with the leaves as well as the main patterns. In addition, there are also additional patterns of cattails, corn stalks, sun flowers, and other plant life. Do you want to wear a camo wedding dress in Realtree Max 4 patterns?

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Some other brides think that the Realtree AP Pink camo is the most flattering one. The pink color gives a lighter and more open feeling. The style combines romantic feelings and outdoor atmosphere. It is really perfect for wedding. No matter what specific pattern you choose, you should wear the dress rightly. You can either wear a dress in full camo pattern or white dress accented with camo patterns. Which one do you like? When you wear a camo wedding dress, the groom should also dress in the same style. Just like wedding dresses, there are also tuxedos and coats available in camo patterns. Make sure the pattern of the wedding dress is the same as that of the groom’s tux. The color should also be the same. The most online store to search for camo dresses is camoformal.com. This store offers great choices of formal camo dresses. You can even get the dress customized. You can select your dress color, trim color, length, and size. Furthermore, you can decide whether you want to add a shawl, straps, detachable train, etc.  

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