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Easy Nice Nail Designs Reflecting Holiday Spirit

Holiday is an attractive theme for nail designs. To reflect holiday spirit, the nail designs need not to be complicated. Even, a simple and easy design can look nice and eye-pleasing. Easy nice nail designs allow you to be creative in painting your own nails. There is no need to visit a nail shop to get your nails painted because the designs are easy. You can do it yourself. Before you start, you should decide what theme to be incorporated in the designs. We have a lot of holidays such as Christmas, summer, Easter, Valentine’s Day, and many more. What is interested about each event is the many different colors it brings. Designing nails with Holiday themes means playing with colors. Also, you need to incorporate the special features of each event. For example, for Christmas, you can draw a Christmas tree, a snowman, or Santa Clause.

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For Christmas Holiday, you can start with painting a base coat. Since Christmas comes in December in which this month belongs to snowy seasons, the basecoat can be in white. Red polish is also suitable to be used as a base coat because this color is identical with this merciful event. You can draw intricate white snowflake designs over the red base coat. Or, you can add green lines representing the Christmas trees. Snowmen are popular designs for Christmas nails. Complicated feature like this can be drawn by using some different markers. Wider markers are suitable to create small round snowmen while fine markers are great to make scarf and face. Other popular designs for Christmas holiday are holy leaves and candy cane stripes. These ideas belong to easy nice nail designs that you can do yourself at home only with some markers and nail polishes.

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Women often paint their nails at Valentine’s Day. In this romantic day, they use nail polishes that can be easily removed because people just wear the nails for one or two days. As Valentine is identical pink or red, the Valentine nail designs incorporate these colors. If you want to celebrate the day with easy nice nail designs, you can for example use pink base coat and draw a white heart on the nails.  For summer, think about bright colored nails. Meanwhile for Easter, consider flowers and ducks. Nail designs are also often used to celebrate independence day when the nails are painted with the flag designs of the country.

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