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Pretty Nail Acrylic Designs and How to Care Of the Nails

Acrylic nails are indeed beautiful. The style also stays longer. In addition acrylic is affordable.  With this material, you can create pretty nail acrylic designs based on your individual style. That is why women have worn these nails since the late 20th century. But, you should do home care after painting your nails. Home care is very important to avoid fungi, lifting, and splitting which can ruin and damage your nails. There are some tips for the wearer to care for these beautiful nails. First, keep your nails dry. Right away after your acrylic nails have a contact with water, for example after you wash hands or take a bath, dry the nails with clean towels. For your information, water can damage acrylic nails especially if it seeps underneath the acrylic. It is even better to use antibacterial soap to wash your hands. This soap can avoid fungi and other bacteria. If your hands dirty, bacteria can grow there and result permanent damage for your nails.

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Gloves are necessary things to be prepared at home especially if you are a kind of person who like to do household chores like mopping the floor or washing dishes. Splitting, snags, chips, or other painful accidents can happen when doing the household chores and they can ruin your pretty nail acrylic designs. Wearing gloves is one of the ways to give protection to your nails. So, do not forget to include two or three pairs of gloves in your household inventory. Before you sleep at night, use alcohol to swab your nails. Do it every single night. Alcohol contains anti-bacteria so it can help clean your nails from any bacteria or dirt completely. Remember not to clean your nails with water. Water is not a friend for acrylic nails. Instead, use alcohol.

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In case an accident happens, get an immediate fix from the nail shop. Do not wait for days to visit the nail shop especially if there are splits and chips. When there are gaps between the nail and acrylic due to chips or splitting, fungi, water, and bacteria can seep in anytime easily. That is why you need to go to a nail shop as soon as possible to get the pretty nail acrylic designs repaired. The nail technician at the nail shop is able to fix or remove the acrylic nail properly. She or he will also suggest whether it is necessary for you to visit a doctor.

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