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The Check Trend is Now in!

Very few ladies wear checked clothes, maybe because it is seen as somewhat ‘different’ to many other styles. Checked clothes come in all styles and almost all clothing contains this lovely pattern, but still few seem to be seen in it. However, this season checks are really in and below are different ways you can adapt the new look by ... Read More »

Makeup Trends for Spring

With winter gone and spring on its way it’s important all you ladies are up-to-date with the latest makeup trends. Makeup is every girl’s best friend and how good you want it to look is really up to you. It only takes a final brush to give you the complete look and also depends on the last touch to whether ... Read More »

Casual Wear for Men for Vacation Resort

casual wear for men for party

Although not as growing as women’s fashion, men’s fashion especially casual wear for men is developing very fast. We can see a lot of guys dress up in some new and unique option in order to make a bold style statement. Everyone however has their own sense of judgment about casual wear so that it varies among men. Casual wear ... Read More »

Finger under Dress and How to Wear It

finger under dress uk

Perhaps, most of you are still not familiar with what is called by finger under dress. Actually it is another name of a mini dress. Why it is called a finger under dress? It is because the hem of a mini dress often has the same length as your arms if you put them straight down to your hips. This ... Read More »

Tight Blue Dress to Show Off Your Figure

tight blue dress for sale

Women with ideal figure are a kind of a show off. They feel proud of their wonderful body. However, not all of them are good in choosing the right dress that can emphasize their strength. Even, some of them dress up wrongly. Instead of highlighting their strength, their appearance looks awkward. Therefore, women should learn about how to select the ... Read More »

White Casual Dress for Wedding Reception

white casual dress for women

When attending wedding reception, the first thing coming to women’s mind is usually what dress to be worn. Depending on the formality of the reception, you should find the appropriate dress. White casual dress is perfect for afternoon wedding. With white dress, you look simple yet pretty. Any women can wear it because white is universal color. Whether you have ... Read More »

Long Dresses with Leggings for Everyday Wear

long dresses with leggings 2013

Fashion is becoming more creative. Dresses are now available in many kinds of design. One dress can be worn in many different ways. Long dresses, for example, can be worn over leggings. This is becoming very common right now. Long dresses with leggings look casual and can be worn for everyday wear. Commonly leggings are worn with short dresses or ... Read More »

Men’s Casual Dress Codes for Business Setting

men business casual dress code

Office dress codes may vary depending on the office rules. If you work in formal working place, the rules may be stricter than others. But there are also businesses that allow their employees to wear a pair of polo shirt and jeans. Just like women, men also should concern on the way they dress in their office. In this article ... Read More »

Flat Boots with Dresses in Feminine Look

short Flat Boots with Dresses

Many people will agree that a pair of flat boots is indeed comfortable and chic. Boots are known for western or country fashion staple. But nowadays, they are widely worn to create numerous women’s style. Many women begin interested to ensemble the boots with different kinds of dress. However, you should be careful when trying to mix and match flat ... Read More »