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Nighty for Honeymoon Made of Silk and Satin

Nighty for honeymoon should be both attractive and comfortable. Therefore you should consider many things when shopping for it. One of the important considerations is to select the right fabric. There have been many articles discussing the style of nighties for honeymoon. But, only a few of them talk about the comfort. It is true that nighties, especially those worn for honeymoon should be eye-appealing to boost sexual desire. But being attractive looking is not enough. You should also feel comfortable. By wearing comfortable nighties, you will be able to rest well over night after enjoying the night with your husband. As a result, you feel fresh when you get up in the morning. Sleepwear, especially nightgowns are often made of silk and satin. These fabrics are often used to make lingerie or nightgown because aside of being comfy, they also have an attractive appearance.

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Depending on your preference, you can choose either silk or satin as the fabric for your nighty for honeymoon. Those who prefer natural fiber find silk as the better option. Silk fiber is produced by silkworm. That is why silk is called as all-natural fabric. On the other hand, satin is man-made fabric. Polyester and nylon are combined to make satin. The fabrics also determine how the nighties look. If you love nighties which flow very fluidly, choose silk nightgown. It has a light shimmer and shine. On the other hand, satin only has a slight shine on one side while on the inside it has a lackluster look. Compared to silk, satin has a heavier appearance. Although these two fabrics have different appearance, they do not differ greatly on the breathability. However, many women prefer silk to satin because satin has the ability to absorb moisture better than satin. You may get sweaty when you do activity before sleeping. Silk absorb any sweat so you can sleep well after that. Another good think about silk is the fact that it is hypoallergenic. You need not to fret in case you are allergic to extreme whether condition in your honeymoon destination.

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If you look for nighty for honeymoon which is easier to take care, then go for satin. Satin nightgown is machine washable. On the other hand, silk nightgown requires hand-washing. So which one do you choose? You can by the nightgowns at most department stores and lingerie shops in a wide array of models.

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