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Long Puffy Prom Dress: Make it more Voluminous

A long puffy prom dress is one of the popular styles for bridesmaid. Sometimes it is also worn for prom and other parties as well. People love to wear this type of dress because of its puffy effect. However, sometimes if we buy a ready dress, it is not voluminous enough. Luckily, there are several tips to add volume to your puffy dress so that you will be happier and more comfortable. First off all, you should add shoulder pads to the sleeves. They are widely available at sewing stores. Some craft stores also sell these cheap pieces. These pads can be easily placed over your shoulder because most of them come with two-side tape that keeps the pads in place. In case the fabric your dress is transparent, find pads in similar color as your dress so that they won’t be seem through the dress.  

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For the skirt, add a bustle. It is a frame worn under the long puffy prom dress to make it more voluminous. With the bustle, the dress will look like a Cinderella dress perfectly. The skirt of your dress will stick out just like most dresses in the 19th century. Unlike adding shoulder pads that can be done on your own, you may need a help of a professional to alter the bustle on chiffon, silk, or other specialty fabric. Things like snap, hook, and buttons are needed to keep the bustle secure. Walking in a bustling skirt is a little bit uncomfortable. But when you get used to it, you will find it easier to walk. Fortunately, unlike bustle dress in the reconnaissance era, bustle nowadays is made of very soft wire so you are still able to sit in the car with it.

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The long puffy prom dress can be even more voluminous if you wear a petticoat. It is a kind of old-fashioned tulle slip worn under the dress skirt. Depending on your dress length, choose a slip which has a short them than the dress. The slip is widely available in lingerie shop. Alternatively, you can check a costume shop for more choices. Or, you can visit online specialty dress shop and order one you like. In conclusion there are three ways to add volume to the dress. You can use shoulder pads, add a bustle, and wear a petticoat. With these three items, your dress will turn into a puffy Cinderella ball gown.

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