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Bridal Hairstyles Low Side Bun to Look Young and Chic

Bridal hairstyles low side bun is quite well-liked merely because it can create a simple yet elegant look. There are many ideas of bun bridal hairstyles from messy to neat. Choose the one that is suitable with your wedding gown, face of shape, and more importantly it should speak for your personality. Buns can be worn anywhere depending on your preference. They usually look awesome and lovely when they are placed at the back of your ear or at the nape of the neck. Finish the buns by adding accessories like tiara, flowers, or jeweled pins. The pins can both complement the style and secure the buns as well. Low side bun style is not easy to achieve yourself. You should ask help from a hairstylist to do the style. Low side bun is not only popular for wedding but for other formal events. It is commonly worn by celebrities to attend red carpet events. You can browse their pictures to enrich your inspiration and possibly to adapt to suit your needs.

bridal hairstyles low side bun style

For a casual wedding, such as beach or destination wedding, messy bridal hairstyles low side bun will be a great idea. It works well for medium or long hair. If you hair is already wavy, this hairstyle is very simple to achieve. However, if you have straight hair, you need to create waves using a curling iron otherwise the messy look cannot be achieved. This technique is also useful to add more texture. Then, tie you hair into a low bun and secure the position using jeweled clips. To create a messy look, tease the bun using your fingers and pull out some tiny strands. With this technique, the messy low bun will look natural. You can also wear the bun in neat style. While messy bin is perfect for casual wedding, neat bun is ideal for classic and formal wedding. It is suitable for straight hair. If you have curly or wavy hair texture, use flat iron to straighten it first. There may be some loose fly-away strands. Use a serum to tame them because your hair must be perfectly straight and neat. Pull the hair into a low bun and finish the bun with a glossy hairspray.

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There are still other ideas of bridal hairstyles low side bun. For a more ornate look, you can try a looped bun. Use hair pins to create loads of loops in a bun shape.  Another intricate low side bun style is braided bun. First, pull the hair into a low ponytail and braid the hair. Flowers and jewels can be added to adorn the bun.

wedding hairstyles low side bun

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