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Dark Blue Hair Dye: Self Project

As hair coloring kits are widely sold in beauty supply stores in many different colors, you can now try coloring your hair your own with your favorite color at home without spending money in a salon. There are some attractive colors to try. Most women tend to pick natural-look colors such as dark brown, brunette, caramel, and the like. Perhaps it is because they work in a strict office where having vibrant colored hair is considered not acceptable. Probably when you have days off, you can try other colors like dark blue hair dye, for example.  Just like light blue, dark blue hair also requires bleaching but different bleaching as light blue dye needs. Unlike light blue in which you should have your hair beached in light blonde, your hair should first be bleached in dirty dark blonde to get dark blue. Many people think that if they hair is not too dark, bleaching process can be skipped. But many stylists recommend bleaching your hair although it is not dark. Unbleached hair will fade quickly. If you are afraid that bleaching process can damage your hair, you can skip this process. The risk for this decision is that your blue hair will turn green quickly. Whenever, it turns green, use hair dye stripper to dye it back to dark blue.

dark blue hair dye permanent

Bleach your hair using recommended product. If you are afraid your t-shirt will get dirty, wear an old t-shirt. Don’t leave the bleach longer than instructed otherwise you hair will get damaged. Next, wash out the bleach using cold water and dry you hair. After you hair is completely bleached, it is time to apply the dark blue hair dye. Apply the dye from near the root. Spread the dye by combing the hair until all tresses is saturated. Usually it takes more or less three hours to get the dye set. In the meantime, wear the shower cap. The detail steps are written in the manual that comes with the package. Follow the direction to achieve the best result.

dark blue hair dye for dark hair

After that, you can rinse your hair. It is recommended to mix vinegar and cold water to wash out the dye. This solution helps seal the color in. Many people however don’t like to use vinegar because it is sting any cuts on your scalp or hands. Morever, vinegar have special odor that most people don’t like. Dark blue hair dye will last longer if you take care of it using the right products.

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