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Light Brown Hair Color with Pretty Highlights

Do you have light brown hair color? This natural hair color, for most people, is considered as not as flattering as rich dark brown hair. That is why many people tend to add highlights to their hair. But finding the color for the highlights is not easy. Wrong colors or those which does not match with your skin tone won’t look appealing. So, consider your skin undertone so that you can find the best color to blend with your natural light brown hair. If you have pink undertones, your light brown hair will look great when combined with espresso highlights. You are lucky for having light brown hair as it never looks washed out when combined with other colors. Espresso highlights also complement those having brown, olive, and pale skin. These few highlights will make your face livelier. If you remember, Megan Fox has ever sported these highlights. You may get inspired by her hairstyle.

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Some women tend to highlight their hair with only one or two shades lighter or darker than their natural hair color. Although the highlights will be less noticeable as they don’t contrast greatly with the light brow, still the result looks gorgeous as long as you choose the right shade. Try medium golden brown. These highlights can energize your light brown hair color. On the other hands, many other women like to try more dramatic effects. For this purpose, try ruby red highlights. Rube red highlights are dramatic yet elegant. The bold and glamorous shade can make the hair look livelier and more voluminous.

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Another fun and chic option to get a new look is Bordeaux highlights. Probably some of you are still unfamiliar with this color. It is a kind of rich, wine-inspired hue. The combination of light brown and Bordeaux is very flattering. This hair color is perfect for those having cool skin tones. As now you have known some flattering highlights to your light brown hair color, you can start to experiment with them. Don’t fret that the coloring process will damage your hair. As long you have it done by professional using recommended products and you take care of your hair since then, your hair will be okay. Keep in touch with your hairstylist to keep your new hair color maintained. As time goes by, you may need to retouch with new color. Or, you may want to try to try different color.

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