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Hawaiian People Dresses for Women: Traditional VS Modern

how hawaiian people dress

Hawaiian themed party is often held to celebrate some events like holiday, gathering with friends, informal meeting, graduation, and the like. This fun celebration is very exciting. People come to dance with Hawaiian music, eat fantastic food, and have fun with their friends and partners. The party is all about fun and excitement. This themed party is mostly characterized from ... Read More »

Smart Casual Dresses Ideas for Ladies

Smart Casual Dresses ladies

Dressing down a little in with a smart edge is easy. The key for smart casual dresses is to have the right balance between casual and smart. There are some ideas that ladies can consider. Let’s begin with the top. Choose the top carefully to get a smart casual look. A dressy blouse with a glamorous ruffle, for instance, can ... Read More »

Boys Dressing Style in Casual Look

boys clothes style

Casual dressing style for boys is easy. There is no clear definition and restrictions on what boys should wear for casual events. As long as they wear clothes in the appropriate size and age, almost every outfit can be worn. The must-have piece in casual boys dressing style is jeans. Young boys can choose either fitted or loose-fitting jeans while ... Read More »

Smart Casual Dress Code for Ladies

smart casual dress code for women

The term smart casual is originated from America. This dress code debuted in the beginning of 1920s. At that time what’s called by smart casual was a sleeveless dress with ¾ loose blouses. Now, there are various interpretations for this dress code. One thing for sure is that smart casual dress code is defined as polished but informal. It sticks ... Read More »

Sunday Dress for Teenagers to Look Awesome

sunday dress for teenagers picture

Sunday dress for teenagers means casual dress worn outside schools. On Sunday they do not go to school, that is why the dress is called Sunday dress. Usually in the holiday, teenagers do not just stay at home. They have a lot of activities to do at home. Most girls spend their school-day-off by hanging out together with some friends. ... Read More »

Hawaii Fancy Dress for Women for Parties

hawaiian fancy dress for women uk

Spending time in Hawaii, joining Luaus party, and having time at the beautiful beach is the dream everyone has. Because it sounds very fun, Hawaiian party becomes one of the most popular themes for many fun parties. The Hawaiian atmosphere can be built from the music, food, and of course the dress code. The question is what to wear in ... Read More »

Wrap Over Style Dresses Outfits

wrap over style dresses 2013

Wrap over style dresses are favorable for many women because they are ideal for all body types. In other words this dress style can make everyone look great. Therefore, everyone should make sure that she has this must-have piece in her wardrobe. These dresses are available in various fabrics so women can wear them in different occasion and seasons. A ... Read More »

Outfits with Ankle Boots for Casual Atmosphere

winter outfits with ankle boots

Ankle boots are must have items for every woman. Formerly, boots were only worn for winter but now they are widely worn in any seasons. Ladies like to wear them because they flatter women’s appearance and are easy to wear. Ankle boots are more versatile than knee-high and over-the-knee boots because they can be worn in a number of events. ... Read More »

Wearing Purple Sweater for Everyday Wear

wearing purple sweater for girl

Purple sweater is a good idea to be worn in cold days to keep the body warm and fashionable at the same time. However it will fail to make you stylish if you wear it in wrong outfits. Therefore, you should learn the best way on wearing purple sweater. You may want to wear it with a T-shirt. The best ... Read More »

Semi Casual Attire for Office Use

semi casual clothing for women

Women always want to look fashionable in any occasion including in the office. Business women attire may come in many styles depending on the business type and working environment. For example business fields such as banking and law require traditional and classic attire which is formal while fashion and IT business fields lead the employees to dress casually. If you ... Read More »