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Men’s Casual Dress Codes for Business Setting

men business casual dress code

Office dress codes may vary depending on the office rules. If you work in formal working place, the rules may be stricter than others. But there are also businesses that allow their employees to wear a pair of polo shirt and jeans. Just like women, men also should concern on the way they dress in their office. In this article ... Read More »

Dress Formal Business for Women

dress code formal business

You are lucky if you work in an office with informal setting where the staffs can dress up in casual way. In such office, you can really express your fashion style. Those who work in formal business setting will lack opportunities to show off the latest fashion. There are already some formal business etiquettes to follow. But, it does not ... Read More »

Semi Casual Attire for Office Use

semi casual clothing for women

Women always want to look fashionable in any occasion including in the office. Business women attire may come in many styles depending on the business type and working environment. For example business fields such as banking and law require traditional and classic attire which is formal while fashion and IT business fields lead the employees to dress casually. If you ... Read More »

Short Formal Dresses for Office Wear

short formal dresses 2013

Office wear often comes in monotonous design especially for women who work in formal offices such as those working in banks, public schools, lawyer agencies, and the like. Typically they just want to go save by wearing a suit of a skirt and blazer or pants and a blouse. Not many of them are interested to wear a dress. In ... Read More »