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Classy Dresses for Teenagers from Celebrity Designers

Prom is one of the most important events for teen girls. They always want to look perfect at the prom night. One of the keys to be the start in the event is to wear a perfect dress. A beautiful dress does not mean that it should have a designer label. But of course, wearing a designer dress is an exceptional pride and confidence. Because prom night is a very special night, you can think about wearing a dress made by a famous designer. There is a long list of designer’s names that are capable of making beautiful classy dresses for teenagers. Jessica McClintock, and Mori Lee, are only a few of well-known designers who have a wide selection of fashion forward prom gowns for every season. Their collections are available with various styles and budget, allowing every girl to choose a pretty gown that is suitable with her body and budget.

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Let’s get closer with the three designers mentioned above. Mori Lee is a designer who is famed for making wedding dresses and classy dresses for teenagers. Various styles of prom gowns such as ball gowns, short puffy dresses, and patterned pretty dresses are available. More Lee incorporates various styles, patterns, colors, and materials. Her collection is eminently classy and elegant yet flirtatious, very ideal for young and energetic teenagers. Unfortunately, you cannot simply buy Mori Lee dresses online from the official website. You have to visit a specialty dress boutique which sells Mori Lee dresses. But still checking the website out is important to get more information about the collections especially the latest ones. Other special occasion dresses are designed by Jessica McClintock. Her collections embrace romance and elegance. If you are looking for a little bit intricate dress, Jessica McClintock dresses are the best options because they have some key details. The dresses can be found in Macy’s and Dillard’s and other department stores. Or, you can directly visit Jessica McClintock boutiques. Depending on the style, the price ranges from $100-$300. So, prepare your budget.

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