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Country Girl Dresses Ideas

Country girl dresses are so awe-inspiring. I began to love such dresses when I watched a movie entitled “Safe Haven”. In this movie, the female characters like Kathy and Jo, wear pretty country dresses. In my opinion, costumes also play important role in strengthening the movie setting. Inspired by the female characters in the movie, I started to look for some ideas of country dresses that I can wear for my daily outfits. I began to search the websites and visit some local stores. I found some pieces and finally purchase them. I realized that country dresses are gaining popularity because many stores sell them. They are worn not only in Houston or Dallas but in other parts of the globe. The outfits include anything from top to toe even the accessories too. It is quite easy to find country dresses in the market because the high demand of the purchase. Many girls in different age from school girls to even adults like to have a country look with country dresses. What about you? I am quite sure that you are one hundred percent agree with me.

Country Girl Dresses for prom

Let’s begin with the tops. There are some options of tops. The most popular one is plaid patterned shirt or t-shirt. A plaid is a pattern of different colored straight lines crossing each other at 90 degree angles. This pattern is often called as tartan by people outside the US. The shirt or t-shirt in plaid pattern has been a trademark for country girl dresses. They can come in short or long sleeves. They are available in any colors but mostly they have blue color. Usually a fitted plaid shirt is worn over a tank-top and the shirt is left unbuttoned so people can see the tank top. Team the shirt or t-shirt with blue jeans. There are some models to choose from such as tight fitting jeans, flared jeans, and boot-legged jeans. The model of the jeans determines the suitable footwear. If you wear tight fitting or boot-legged jeans, for example, you can wear a pair of medium boots.

Country Girl Dresses women

For a more feminine look, girls usually wear a casual dress. There are many kinds of country girl dresses like short denim dresses, spring dresses, fringe-hemmed dresses, tank dresses, jersey dresses, and many more. Wearing one of the dresses, you can steal any cowboy’s heart. Accessorize your look with cowgirl hat, cool western purse, or western leather jacket.

 Country Girl Dresses with boots

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