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Ivory Lace Wedding Dress for a Luxurious Bridal Gown

An ivory lace wedding dress has always been a favorite of many brides for a number of reasons. The power of this dress is placed in its color and the lace. Ivory is considered as an elegant color. Both white and ivory are classic. But ivory is seen as a more modern color. This color looks even more wonderful with the addition of lace. With a fine needlework, the lace can add beautiful designs whether the dress use only a few accents of a lot of lace. The ivory color, meanwhile, add a sense of elegance and luxury to the wedding. Lace is able to create some different effects to the dress because there are some types of lace and different techniques to use it on the fabric. The most popular and classic styles of lace, which are often used to make a wedding dress, are Venise and Alencon lace. The lace is added in particular parts of the dress, depending on the designer’s creativity. But, generally, lace is found on the hem or bodice of a wedding dress.

ivory lace wedding dress empire waist

An ivory lace wedding dress can either look traditional or modern depending on the type of lace chosen. For a traditional lace appliqué gown, the lace is usually combined with pearl beads or crystal. The pearl bridal jewelry can create a grand effect. It is perfect for a more formal wedding. A more modern dress, on the other hand, uses a piece of lace as a fabric. It means that there are no pieces stitched to another material. Right now, many brides prefer to modern lace dresses than the traditional ones because the modern ones are less fussy and busy. In addition, the price is less expensive. The traditional wedding dress uses difficult lace appliqué method. That is why the price tag is high.

ivory lace wedding dress sash

An ivory lace wedding dress is also perfect for those who adore vintage look. Vintage wedding dresses commonly use Chantilly lace. This type of lace flows beautifully, delivering wonderful effect to the dress. For the designs, choose the one that flatters your specific figure. No matter what design you choose, the dress will look luxurious and romantic, making the wearer the most beautiful bride ever. Lace actually can be used not only for the wedding dress but also for other elements in the wedding. It can be used to finish off the bouquet, as aisle runners, for the reception table.

ivory lace wedding dress with sleeves

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