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Ear Piercings Types to Choose From

Are you interested in ear piercings? There are a number of things that you should consider when planning to pierce you ears such as the risks of infection, painful that you may feel, healing process, and the ear piercings types. For your information, there are a number of types for ear piercing. Depending on your preference, you can choose the one you like. The most popular type is lobe piercing. As the name implies, the piercing is made on the lobe. Why is this type so popular? It is because the lobe is the softest area and also the largest one. Therefore, it is less painful to get ear piercings done on that area compared to other areas in ear. Usually people make not only single hole in the lobe but two or more than two. Perhaps it is because the area is large enough so that there is enough space to have more than one hole with more than earrings too. A gun is widely used to make ear lobe piercing because it is less painful then using needle. However, many people still prefer to use a sterilized needle. Lone piercing is also well-liked because it does not take long time for healing. While other piercing types may need 2-12 months to heal, you will need only 6 weeks or even faster to heal. In addition, having piercing on the earlobe is safe because it rarely leads to infection.

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Another popular ear piercings types is Helix piercing. This piercing is located in the upper side of the ear, on the elastic cartilage. Generally helix piercing is adorned with studs, hoops, or other embellishments. Unlike lobe piercing which only needs more or less 1 month to heal, helix may needs more than 6 months. Make sure you ask a professional to get the piercing done to avoid any infections that many happen. While lobe and helix piercing is less painful, rook piercing is the most painful one. Why it is so painful? It is because the needed passes a number or cartilage layers. It has poor healing that may take 2-12 months, even longer that helix piercing does.

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There are still many ear piercing types. Some of them are daith, conch, snug, and tragus piercings. Mainly the types are different one to each other due to its different location on ear. Some types are painful while some others are less painful. Different types also have different length of time to heal.

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