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Wedding Ring Finger Placement

Rings always appear in a wedding as a symbol of the commitment. The bride and groom change their rings to represent the vow. Sometimes people get confused to place the wedding ring. There are different opinions on this placement. But of course among the differences, there is always one way to wear the wedding bands correctly. To discuss this it will be a good idea if you know a brief history about the wedding bands. It was considered as eternity symbol by the Egyptian merely because the idea that the ring is circular without an end. The tradition of wearing the wedding rings was continued by Romans. Since then, the tradition has been followed by many cultures throughout the world. Almost in every part of the world, a newlywed couple use rings on their wedding ring finger.

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Usually women wear engagement ring before the wedding. This ring is given by men to propose the women. Mostly, an engagement ring is worn on the left hand, on the middle finger. In this finger, it is said that the vein carries blood straight to the heart. When the wedding comes, women do not need to remove the engagement ring. After the wedding, the wedding ring is supposed to be worn below the engagement ring. The reason for this is because the position of the wedding ring should be closer to the heart than that of the engagement ring. But, in the wedding ceremony, the engagement ring can be moved a while on the right hand so the left wedding ring finger is empty.

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But in some other cultures, the ring is sometime worn by women on the ring finger, which is the finger nearest to your little finger. In Western culture, however, women keep wearing the ring on the middle finger, while men wear it on the wedding ring finger. In some traditions, men are not allowed to wear other rings during the wedding. They should only wear a wedding ring. He should remove other rings that he owns or wears. As all we know and agree that wedding rings symbolize a marriage. The married couple should wear these rings forever. The question is what if the marriage ends? If there is a divorce, the couple can remove the rings or the rings can still be worn but on right hands. This is what happens in most cultures. What about in your culture? Are they the same or different?

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