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Cool Earrings for Men Ideas

Earrings are not only for women but for men, too. Men are wearing earrings for several purposes. Sometimes, earrings are worn to represent particular culture. In South America, for examples, boys wear ear piercing stood in the rite of passage. It is an official ceremony that marks an important stage of becoming adults. In contemporary American culture, earrings for men can symbolize revolution, membership, or style. There are many cool earrings for men ideas which are very popular in which many men around the universe are fond of. The first idea is wearing a single stud in one ear lobe. The stud earring is also called a lobe. These earrings are very simple. They can create classic look. Men have some choices. They can find stud earrings made of white gold, platinum, silver, onyx, or even diamond. Another idea that belongs to classic earrings is a single hoop. Just like lobe, a hoop is also simple and small. These two types of rings are very in trend. They are a part of male fashion style now.

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Some men tend to try unique cool earrings for men. Do you also like this idea? You can try large and unusual earrings originated from the 1970s in America. Unlike hoop or lobe which is simple, these piercings are larger and more ornate. They may elongate out the ear lobe over a series of piercings, incorporating objects like those made of metal or rubber that stretch the flesh. These earrings sometimes have a fang, hoops, studs, ornamenting the lobe and all around the ears. Men wear these earrings to indicate subculture affiliations or just for style. You know, some men just enjoy the look. They sometimes do not really care of the meanings carried by their ear ornaments. The looks can vary depending on the men’s preference and occupation. These unusual earrings, you know, maybe not acceptable in some locations, especially formal places of work.

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Although the choices of men’s earrings are less various compared to women’s earrings, you can still search other inspiration. Find inspiration of cool earrings for men from Egypt, Persia, or India. You will be amazed of the ideas you will get from there. Whether you wear studs, hoops, or unique earrings, you should know when to wear it and when not to wear these sparkles. Aside from the office where wearing men’s earrings can be unacceptable, there are some other places where it is better not to wear earrings. When you swim or do sport, take off the earrings as you may injure yourself.

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