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Easy Cute Nail to Experiment with

Because nail polish is affordable, you can easily experiment with some cool trends. Having a lot of practices is beneficial to enhance your skill. As a bonus, your nails will always change following the latest style. So, take your time when applying new nail designs and see whether the designs look good on your nails. Remember to clean your nails before polishing them. If they are polished, you should remove the existing polish. With clean and dry nails, the nails are ready to be polished with a new design. If you look for an easy cute nail, you land to the right site. Let’s start with neon nails. Many people are fond of neon nails due to their bright colorful look. For a bold statement with neon nails, you can try a neon French tip. This idea combines nude or white as the base coat with neon designs. For a simple look, go all-out with a neon polish as the base.

cute easy nail art

Another easy cute nail is diagonal stripes. They can be applied for both fingernails and toes. In this style, two contrasting nail polishes are used and separated with a diagonal line. Before you draw a line, make sure the base layer has been completely dry. Polka dots are also fashion-forward. Paint a base coat to your nails in colors like pink or orange and give them white polka dots. It is very girly and cute. You can add glitter or rhinestones for any nail design. If you use glitter, make sure you use the color that match the nail polish. To play it safe, consider using silver glitter because it complements either dark or soft shades. Do not forget to give a final touch by applying a top coat. This helps prevent rapid chipping.

easy cute nail art designs

Regardless of what your nail style is, you should also consider whether you nails are short or long because these two different nails need different designs and treatment. Although there is limited space for short nails, it does not mean you can’t find an easy cute nail. For short nails, use a neutral shade of nail polish combined with silver line to add depth. Add a glitter polish and adhesive stones for a more appealing look. It is very easy to apply. You are lucky if you have long nails because there are a lot of designs to try such as diagonal stripes and spark designs.

 easy cute nail art

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