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Acrilyc Nail Design Ideas

Whether your nails are short or long, you can always add flare to them with acrylic nail design. Usually the design is quite tiny and added on top of the regular polish of the nail. This small acrylic design helps express personal style, hobbies, and interest. It is not difficult to make such small design but at the same time it is also very challenging. To ease you making the design, make sure your hand is steady while working. In addition, you should use a fine paint brush. You can start by painting a base color on the nails. You can use any of your favorite colored nail polish. Wait for approximately three minutes until the nails dry. Now take the fine paint brush and dip it into the acrylic paint. Draw an attractive design on your nails with the brush. After you finish drawing the design, let the paint dry for several minutes. Finally, you can give a final coat.

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Making an acrylic nail design is not difficult. Everyone can do it. Sometimes, the most difficult part is when you should choose the nail design. There is no wrong or right when talking about design. It all depends on your desired style. You can try to experiment with several different designs. Prepare a pencil and piece of paper. Draw your designs on the paper. Make a scale for your design. Now, you can make the design on your nails. Find a brush which is small and thin especially if you are going to make a very small design. After you have finished painting your nails, do not forget to apply a coat of clear polish. But, make sure the nails have been dry first.

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If you plan to have an acrylic nail design, you must know how to care for your nails because it is very important.  After your nails are painted, do not ever buff them. Buffing your nails especially the tips of the nails will ruin the pattern. Avoid chipping by brushing up the pattern. Avoid repainting your nails too many times otherwise the design will look messy. You may need to start over when the design gets chipped exceedingly.  Some people have extremely dry nails. This kind of nails is easy to break. Since the nails are very sensitive you may need to apply moisturizer before painting them. Also, do a small test for the product you are going to use to see whether there is allergic reaction.

acrilyc nail design ideas

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