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Flower Girl Dresses Chiffon for Ultimate Comfort


The presence of flower girls in a wedding ceremony makes the event sweet and interesting. Flower girls are young girls, usually 5 to 12 years old that walk down behind the brides to the aisle. If the bride wears a gown with a very long train, the flower girls are in charge to hold the train. Or else, they carry a flower basket. The number of flower girls in a wedding varies usually from 2 to 4 little girls. How do they dress up? Generally flower girls dresses are made of comfortable fabric for example chiffon. This fabric is lightweight and soft this it is perfect for little girls. Flower girl dresses chiffon is therefore comfortable. This fabric is made with an evenhanded plain weave. The weft threads and warp on the loom are woven in a basic over- under zigzag model, giving the woven fabric a checkerboard pattern. The height of the weft threads is the same as that of the warp.

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Flower girl dresses chiffon is made of special yarns that are Z-twist and S-twist crepe yarns. This will give a crumple effect to the dresses making them lovely. The dresses also have a transparent appearance. This effect is obtained from the use of a fine mesh-like weave. In order to create this look, stitching must be very narrow and neat, and flits and line of stitching must be kept to a minimum to enhance the finished look. However, chiffon easily frays. To put off this fraying on a finished cloth, French seams are used. Alternatively, stitching can be done in any raw wedges. Ordering custom-designed chiffon flower girl dresses can be expensive because chiffon fabric is not easy to cut and sew. So, it is cheaper to buy ready dresses from department stores.

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While you are shopping for flower girl dresses chiffon, you should pay attention to the size of the dress for every individual. The flower girls will not be comfortable if the wear either too large or too small dresses. It will ruin their movement. Also, pay attention to the design. As little girls get sweaty easily than adults, avoid long sleeve dresses. Instead, pick short sleeves or even sleeveless dress. Choose colors that match the whole wedding decoration. White is the most common color for flower girl dresses because this color represents the purity or young girls. But, other soft colors are also often used for a wedding such as baby blue, pink, pale yellow, and the like.  

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