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Victorian Long Dresses for Wedding

The Victorian time is famously known as the time of fashion industrial improvement and culture reforms. During this period, artistic fashion styles were born. It includes the Victorian long dresses for wedding. This kind of dress was very popular for wedding celebration. Now, it is still popular although it is not widely used anymore. Victorian dresses are considered as sophisticated and elegant. Previously they were worn for traditional wedding only. But now, many brides also wear this dress for modern wedding merely because they want to look unique. Typically Victorian dresses are made of white silk with high corsage. Another major characteristic is the use of long veil reaching the floor which is made of white tulle. Wearing this dress, any brides will look like a princess of a fairy tale. The gowns featured a long flowing skirt with a fitted bodice. They were mostly made of shiny white material. White was not the only popular color. Another color used for wedding dress was off-white or ivory. Sometimes, the dresses had breads or laces at the bottom. They were often worn with gloves.

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In this modern era, Victorian long dresses are tailored with various modifications. Sometime, they feature low cut bodice. But this cut is not really appropriate for church weddings. But it is okay for less formal wedding. Actually you can modify the dress to suit your personal taste as long as the dresses still feature the basic elements. You can also play with the colors. Instead of white and off-white, you can try other different colors such as brown and even vivid colors. For more ideas, you can buy 19th century bridal magazines. There are a lot of pictures with various styles that you can refer to.

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So, where do we can by Victorian long dresses? As this dress style is increasingly popular, a number if boutiques and shops selling Victorian dresses is also mushrooming. There are a lot of specialty outlets which also sell various items like circlets and corsets. In addition, here you can find vintage accessories like hankies, purses, veils, jewelry, and many more. For a more convenient shopping, consider online shops. There are some recommended sites like Blush Bridal Boutique, Etsy, Victoria Bridal Boutique, and many more which offer great selection of Victorian wedding dresses in the best deal. It is really fun to spend time online taking a look and selecting dresses that draw your interest.

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