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Gothic Short Prom Dresses with the Best Makeup and Accessories

Goth is a lifestyle. It also becomes a popular theme in any party including for a prom night. Right now gothic dresses in various styles are available. You do not need to be confused in choosing the best dress for gothic prom night. As long gothic gowns are considered to be too complicated, people like Gothic short prom dresses better than the long ones. Typically the dresses come in solid color like dark red, black, brown, or purple. These dark colors are very romantic and sexy for any women.

short gothic homecoming dresses

When you decide to dress up in a Gothic style, you should also wear the right makeup and accessories. Usually women wear dark red or even black lipstick as a part of their Gothic look. The eye is also painted dramatically with dark eye shadow and thick eyeliner. There is some basic makeup that you should apply to your face when you wear a Gothic dress. They include simple eyeliner work, subtle gloss or lipstick, foundation or concealer, and solid colored nails. Good makeup will enhance any Gothic short prom dresses. In addition to the makeup, you should also arrange your hair in particular hairstyle. Dyed locks are the norm for Gothic hairstyle. Create a spiked messy hair using some hair styling products. If you want to pull your hair up, leave some messy hair hanging onto your face, giving a mysterious effect. Complete your look with Gothic accessories such as clever bags with skulls and some jewelries like silver earrings or and rings. For your information, adding accessories is the best way to look striking without overdoing your look.

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Many people are a real Goth. They dress up in Gothic style not only because it is the dress code, but because it is their lifestyle. Wearing only Gothic short prom dresses is not enough in order to be a real Goth. Reading a lot can help to understand this style comprehensively. There are some tips to wear Gothic dress. First it is your style, do not worry about whether your look Goth or not. Goth is more about culture that include art, music, and of course personality. If you just wear Gothic dress occasionally, be careful with sticky lip makeup. The most important thing is to make sure you do not wear anything uncomfortable. With these simple tips, you can stand out as a beautiful Goth in your prom gown.

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