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Hair Updos for Wedding for Fine Hair

Wedding hairstyle is one of the important things that define the whole appearance of the bride. Even if she is already wearing the most wonderful gown, it will be something missing if the hairstyle is not that beautiful. Usually hair updos are worn for wedding because these hairstyles are elegant and romantic, very suitable for any wedding themes. Beautiful hair updos for wedding will make the bride memorable. There are many variation updos to choose from. The one you choose should be not only beautiful but also comfortable. Luckily, nowadays there is no more issue concerning the bride’s hair texture and length. Whether you hair is short, long, straight, or curly, you can choose any updo you want. It is because right now many sophisticated hair styling tools and techniques are available. Within a few hours, you can turn your tight curly hair into sleek straight hair by using a flat iron or short hair to long hair by using hair extension.

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Let’s start with the most classic and simple style named a chignon. This is one of favorite hair updos for wedding. In order to be styled in a simple chignon, your hair should be at least shoulder length. Create a simple bun and place it on low in the head, precisely at the nape of the neck. Pin the bun with some hair pins to hold in place. This style looks graceful if the bun is placed to one side of the nape. Add a big flower pin to the bun. Since this hairdo is simple, you can do it yourself in the morning quickly before the wedding. Another simple hairdo is braids. It works for particularly long hair. Again, for those having short hair, do not worry because you can add extensions. Even a simple single side braid already can complement your bridal gown. A more ornate braids can be created from making a ponytail and make multiple braids around the ponytail base.

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For a formal wedding, classic French twist can add a little pizzazz. This classic hairdo has some variations. Basically, you brush your hair back to one side and pin it with some bobby pins. Another idea is to have a messy updo. If you have more time or there is someone to help you at the wedding, you can consider some more intricate hair updos for wedding. But these updos will take many hours you should get ready earlier.

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