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Long Reception Dresses for winter or fall Weddings

Commonly, people celebrate their weddings at summer or spring season. In these seasons, the weather is warm and the view is beautiful. That is why most weddings are held during these months. Currently, winter and weddings are also common. Depending on the reception, whether it is a church wedding which require formal attire or a casual reception where you can dress in semi-formal clothing, you should select the dress considering fabrics, weather, and colors, which are suitable with fall and winter. Unlike at summer or spring wedding, where short gowns become very popular, fall or winter weddings usually are full off guests wearing long reception dresses. Long dresses are appropriate for both morning and evening wedding. For a daytime reception, dress simple with a blouse paired with a pencil skirt. Or, wear a simple shift dress. On the other hands, a romantic long evening formal dress is suitable to an evening wedding.

long wedding reception dresses

Because the weather is quite chilly during fall and winter months, look for long reception dresses made of brocade, velvet, or other heavy fabrics. Avoid short sleeve dresses unless you cover your arm with a shrug or a frilly jacket. Wrapping your arm like this will keep your warm. To emphasize the seasons, pick colors such as navy, grey, or forest green. These colors are identical with warm fall and winter. If the wedding is held in the evening, black dresses are always appropriate. Do not pick white. After you finish with the dress, it is the time to focus on your feet. For winter and fall, knee-high boots always work. Alternatively, find embellished heels or lacy pumps to be worn with your long gown. If the reception venue is snowy, never wear high stilettos or strappy sandals. For the color, create a pop color, for example by wearing a red shoe with a little black dress.

long reception dresses for brides

Adding accessories is the final touch that you should do to complete your appearance. Long reception dresses will look more glamorous with pearls jewelry. For example, you can wear a statement necklace, brooch, or cocktail rings. Long dangling earrings are another option especially for those who wear updo hair style. Mix and match your outfit with additional accessories such as a simple vintage hat and a small embellished envelope bag. Remember not to wear too much pieces. Keep everything simple yet elegant. Being unique is also important as it is a way to stand out among the crowd.

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