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Pink Diamond Engagement Ring Etiquette

Colored diamond has been all in rage since the past time. Nowadays, even the popularity of colored diamond such as pink, blue, yellow, or red has increased. If you are about to buy an engagement ring for your bride-to-be, colored diamond engagement ring can be a brilliant idea. You can consider pink diamond engagement ring. Why pink? Most women like this soft and feminine color. Perhaps you lady does, too. Pink diamond is also favored by many celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively, and Anna Kournikova. They are cut in various ways. J-lo’s ring, for example, is cut in emerald set in prong silver. Meanwhile Blake Lively opted for faultless oval cut diamond in light pink color set in pave setting. The diamond matches with an ultra-delicate rose gold wedding band. This ring is designed by Lorraine Schwartz. Anna Kournikova, on the other hands, got pink pear cut diamond engagement ring from Argyle Jewelers. These three celebrity rings are very phenomenal because they cost million dollars. What about you? The ring is addressed to your bride. Think about leaving the tradition of buying the ring your own and give it as a surprise. Instead, you can shop together with her to get what really she wants.

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Pink diamond comes in many shades of pink from vivid pink to light pink. When you choose the shade, avoid picking a shade which is fainter than fancy light pink because it lacks quality. The hues are also various. Pure pink diamond color is much more valuable but sometimes the diamond is treated in such a way that it results in combinations like lilac pink or range pink. Of course the beauty of the pink diamond engagement ring is not onlydetermined the diamond itself. The setting, cut, style, and band also influence the final look of the ring. Therefore, spend more time to talk to the jeweler about the ring you are going to buy.

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As an alternative of pink diamond engagement ring, you can consider pink sapphire, just like pink diamond, pink sapphire is also rare and hard. But it is a little bit less expensive. That is why many people often choose pink sapphire. Because pink diamond and pink sapphire engagement rings are very popular these days, you can find them in any high street jeweler stores and online jewelers as well. When you shop for this ring, inspect the color and clarity to ensure the brilliance of the pink diamond.

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