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Plus Size Vintage Clothing Shopping Experience

Unlike shopping for usual clothing, sometimes it is a little but frustrating to look for plus size vintage clothing. Looking for vintage clothing itself is already difficult especially vintage clothing that has larger size. In order to succeed in finding some pieces in sizes that fit your and flatter your figure, you should know where to look for them. Thrift stores can be a good idea. But not all thrift stores have what you are looking for. Even if they have, often you find it difficult to find the one because usually there are a lot of pieces in a very small store. It is like searching a needle in stacks of hay. You should plan a strategy that will ease your shopping. Trying to get closer with the manager of your local thrift stores can be very helpful. Establish a relationship by being a nice client. Ask whether the store manager mind to let you know if there are new arrival pieces. Tell him honestly what you need so he can lend a hand to find the pieces for you.

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Another great idea is to shop online for plus size vintage clothing. Although it may be difficult to find the right measurement since you cannot try on the clothes directly, you can benefit from the various options available in virtual stores. Even, you can also find some accessories to complement your dress such as belts, scarves, shoes, hats, etc. Choose reputable online stores such as Amazon or eBay. From online shopping, you can have a bigger chance to get a better price because options are almost endless. In addition, discounts are frequently offered. Since such discounts can come just anytime, it is better if you register as the member of your favorite online stores. They will let you know when there are discounts, new arrivals, or other special offers and events.

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If you really a plus size vintage clothing lover, you can try some antique fairs in your local area. Ask them to keep and hold plus size pieces for you. Or, find estate sales. If you are not sure where the estate sales are, check your local daily newspaper. Estate sales usually offer great discounts. Generally they have various models of vintage clothing predominantly those from the 1960s. Make sure you arrive at the estate sales early in the morning before other buyers so you can have a bigger opportunity to get good pieces.

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