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Hello Kitty Fingernail Ideas and Styles

There are many cute ideas for fingernail polish. One of them is Hello Kitty. This cartoon character has been very popular since 1974. This cartoon character has a simple looking kitty in white color with a pink bow adorning her right ear. It is really pretty. Hello Kitty fingernail ideas can be realized with nail decals, paint, or acrylic. Fingernail designs incorporating this cute character are widely used not only by kids but also by adults. If you use nail decals, you can paint a base coat to your nail. Or, you can just apply the design to bare nails. Nail decals can be bought in salons or beauty shops. It is very simple to use the decal. Peel it off first and press the decal firmly on your nail. You may find some bubbles under the decal. If this happens, you should smooth out the edges until the bubbles disappear. For a better result, a clear top coat can be applied over the nail. This top coat will seal in the decals. Some people apply decals for all nails while some others prefer to apply it to just one nail.

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Hello Kitty fingernail ideas are often created with pin striping paint. This paint is almost the same as nail polish but it has a thinner brush. Use the thin brush to draw the Hello Kitty designs. Find a picture of Hello Kitty and imitate the image to be drawn on your nail. Work carefully to draw the Hello Kitty look. Start by drawing the simple face, eyes, nose, whiskers, and a small pink bow as you see in the picture.

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You can also use acrylic to create Hello Kitty fingernail ideas because it has some colors to choose from. For example white acrylic can be used to make the head of Hello Kitty. Black acrylic can be used to draw the eyes and whiskers. Meanwhile, the bow can be painted with pink acrylic. Unlike plain polish, acrylic nails can’t be changed or smudged easily. If you want to do so, you should remove the artificial nails first. People choose acrylic because they want to have nail design which stays longer. Acrylic can also be used to make 3D Hello Kitty designs. Make desired shapes from colored acrylic which has been dropped onto wax paper. Wait for minutes until the acrylic shapes get hard. Then, you can apply them on your nails using glue. Seal in the acrylic by giving a clear top coat. Alternatively, gel or artificial nail tips can be used too.

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