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Shoes to Wear with Red Dress at Formal Occasions

The most beautiful dress needs the right shoes to stand out. To complete your look in any formal occasions, you must know how to pick out a pair of heels. Red dresses are considered as the most elegant option for formal events such as for a business meeting or a party. What are the best shoes to wear with red dress? Well, as there are a lot of shoes available in the market, it may seem overwhelming to pick out the right one. Not all color of shoes can complement the red dress. The safest way to pair your red dress is to wear black shoes. Black shoes work very well with any red dresses no matter what shades they are and what styles they are. Whether your dress is decorative or plain, black shoes are always be a perfect match. Because black is neutral, it will be also easier for you to choose other accessories for the belt as black matches any color. The black shoes can be worn again when we wear different dresses.

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Another idea is to have red shoes to wear with red dress. However, you should find red shoes in similar shade as the red dress. Avoid either darker or lighter shoes than the dress itself. Wrong shades fail to put together the outfit nicely. But when you wear shoes that match the red dress, your outfit will be stunning. Alternatively, you can wear silver or gold shoes. They complement any red dress. If the dress has silver sparkles, choose silver shoes. Meanwhile, if you wear gold jewelry, gold colored shoes are the best match.

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Besides the color, the style is also important to consider. You can wear either open or closed toe shoes. Keep comfort in mind. If the event requires a lot of standing or even dancing, the most useful shoes to wear with red dress are ankle straps. But if you are supposed to sit down during the occasions like in a formal dinner, it will be fine to wear shoes with very thin straps and high heels. Uncomfortable shoes can hurt your feet. You won’t be able to smile, then. As a result you will look miserable in your red dress. Get inspired from celebrity look. Red dress is a popular dress for red carpet events. That is why many celebrities like to wear it. Browse the internet to get the pictures of them.

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