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Titanium Wedding Rings: A Great Alternative to Platinum or Gold

All of us know that the best metals for wedding rings are gold or platinum. These two metals are widely used for engagement rings. People opt for either gold or platinum because it is hard so the ring can be worn in daily basis. The price, however, is expensive, especially for platinum rings. If you think so, why don’t you consider other metals? A great alternative to platinum or gold is titanium wedding rings which cheaper yet durable. Formerly there were not many people consider titanium as their wedding ring. But over time, it becomes increasingly popular. Titanium is popular for groom’s wedding bands. There are a number of reasons why couples are interested to choose titanium rings. As explained before, the price of titanium rings is half the price of yellow gold ring in the same type. Can you imagine how cheap it is? You can save a lot of money for your wedding preparation, then.

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Outside of the price, people are also amazed with the durability of titanium wedding rings. The rings can be long lasting just like gold if you work in an extraordinarily ‘hands on’ sort job. Unlike platinum, however, titanium rings are possible to scratch but it will be only small surface scratching. Another reason why couples fall for titanium rings is because titanium is a neutral metal. It means that titanium will not oxidize or discolor. Moreover, it does not cause allergy. If you have sensitive skin, this ring will be a good idea. So, wearing this ring is safe. In addition titanium rings do not require professional cleaning as gold rings do. Titanium rings will keep shining without professionally and regularly cleaned. In other words, the rings are low-maintained. There is still one great thing about titanium. The metal can be colored. Usually it is colored in black for men’s wedding band.

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Every metal has downsides as titanium wedding rings also do. The rings are durable because titanium is hard metal. Due to its hardness, this metal is difficult to be re-sized. Once you have purchased a titanium ring in particular size, the size will stay. It means that it will be a problem if your weight fluctuates regularly. Also, the hardness of the metal makes it difficult to engrave or add stones. Before you buy titanium rings, ask your jewelry designer whether he can customize the ring or not. A few jewelers may have necessary tools to do so.

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