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Boho Chic Wedding Gown Design Ideas

Boho chic wedding gown, known also as a Hippie dress style was born 150 years ago. Because the style was very prominent and influential at time, it still becomes very popular nowadays. Actually now many people are familiar with the term “Boho Chic”. Many people often called this style of dress an empire gown. The gown falls down from the bust freely. A bohemian wedding dress has a strong character in a way it is made in simple design. It is typically made of soft and long fabrics with a pretty ethereal silhouette created by movable layers. Ribbons, embroidery, and other simple details are often used to adorn this simple dress. You will not find any bohemian dresses made of polyester or other man-made products. This makes this gown is different from other gowns from modern era. Often, bohemian dresses and other vintage dresses are made of silk cotton. No wonder if they are very comfortable to wear.

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Bohemian wedding dresses have versatile design meaning that there are various models for the dresses. As there are many designs of Boho chic wedding gown, you should choose the one that fit your body. The bohemian dress which appeared in the first time is the one with fitted waistline. Jacqueline Kennedy popularizes this dress in the beginning of 1960s at her own wedding ceremony. After that, the popularity of fitted waistline dress was replaced by an empire dress with its raised waistline. Another popular dress was A-line dresses. Among these three popular bohemian dress designs, which one fit your body? Next, you can also consider the types of the sleeve. Jacqueline Kennedy as the big icon of bohemian era brought out capped sleeve into popularity. After some times, the trend changed. The sleeve became longer until the wrist. But this style is still able to spruce up any brides’ look.

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If you are interested in a Boho chic wedding gown, you can buy this vintage gown in vintage clothing store in relatively cheap price. Here you can also find some accessories to pair your dress. However, shopping for wedding gowns is not really popular as people usually want to have a dress designed by fashion designers. It is because everyone wants to look special in a wedding day. Once again, bear in mind simplicity is the key style of bohemian wedding. It does not only work for the dress but also for the accessories, hairstyle, makeup, and the whole wedding decoration.

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