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Convertible Bridal Gown to Make an Impression

convertible wedding gown

Have you ever heard about convertible bridal gown? It is a kind of wrap dress in which the wrap can be changed to get a different look. This gown is available in both full-length or knee-length. The idea of convertible dress starts to become popular for wedding. Although it is not yet very common for women, many women are interested ... Read More »

Vintage Bohemian Wedding Dress Shopping Guidelines

vintage bohemian bridesmaids dresses

Vintage bohemian wedding dress is rich in character, value, and history. This kind of vintage dress is different from other vintage wedding dress styles in a way that Boho style is less formal. Brides who plan for a relaxed outdoor wedding with vintage theme find Boho wedding dress the best idea. The earthy touches, flowing skirt, whimsical natural elements and ... Read More »

Wedding Dresses with Sleeves in Traditional Styles

wedding dresses with sleeves and lace

Although now modern wedding dresses come in a wide variety styles and even some of them are unique, many women are still dreaming to wear a traditional wedding gown in their wedding day. Wedding dresses with sleeves never go out of style although the popularity of sleeveless and even strapless wedding gowns becomes overwhelming. Old-fashioned traditional wedding gowns with long ... Read More »

Wedding Dress Bohemian with Hippie Feel

wedding dress bohemian chic

Wedding dress bohemian is usually long, simple, and casual. This is the perfect dress for those who love earthy designs and want to feel relaxed during the wedding. Many people say that this Boho dress is unique. Sometimes the dress is adorned with buttons, crocheted elements, and other embroidery and detailing. Because bohemian dress is supposed to be flowing, wispy, ... Read More »

A-Line Lace Wedding Dress Characteristics

a line lace wedding dress with sleeves

Many women love to wear A-line dress. This type of dress fits the body from chest to waist, than becomes wider from below the hips to the hem, creating “A” letter shape. That is why it is called an A-line dress. Because of its shape, this dress is often worn by women who have problems in their waist and legs ... Read More »

Wedding Dress Modern Bride Guidelines

wedding gowns modern bride

Wearing traditional dresses for wedding is no longer favorable. Traditional dresses are considered not practical. Wedding dress modern bride is more popular as brides can freely opt for the dress that they want without some strict rules. As a result the wedding dress will fit their personality and attitude. Even, modern wedding dress can be adapted in such a way ... Read More »

White Victorian Style Dresses for Wedding

white victorian style dresses idea

When planning a wedding party, you should first decide the style or the theme of the party. Things like decoration, cake, entertainment, dresses, are then selected based on the theme. If the theme is outdoor beach wedding, everything will be arranged to suit that theme. For traditional wedding, which is a kind of formal wedding, you should also prepare everything ... Read More »

Gothic Bride Dresses Shopping Guidelines

gothic bride dress up

Planning to wear gothic bride dresses is a big decision because being gothic is not really common. But in other side, it can be a way to look different and unique from other usual weddings. That is why people are getting attracted to think about this style. Shopping for gothic dress is different from that of usual white bride dress. ... Read More »

Vintage Bride Dresses from the 1950s

vintage bride wear

More people are getting interested in celebrating marriage in a vintage-themed wedding. When we talk about a particular wedding theme, the most important thing is to choose the bride dress that matches to the theme. For a vintage-theme wedding, of course you should find vintage bride dresses too. The most popular vintage wedding dress style comes from the 1950s. The ... Read More »