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Grey Wedding Suits for Grooms

Wedding suits for grooms are available in the market with a variety of designs, looks, and cuts, making grooms-to-be overwhelmed when shopping for the suits. You should find wedding suits that perfectly fit to the body so the groom will look impressive in his big day. The wedding suits should not only meet the style, body, and personality of the groom but also match the bride’s dress. By wearing matching wedding outfits, the couple will look great during the ceremony and the photo session. Discuss with the bride what color you want to have for the groom. If the bride is going to wear a white modern dress, it will be easy to decide the color for the groom’s suite as such white dress is versatile, meaning it goes well with almost any suits’ colors. Black or white suits are indeed timelessly gorgeous and popular. There are also some grooms who tend to like grey color. Grey wedding suits can complement any bride’s dress. The suits can come either in darker or lighter grey. If you choose lighter grey suits, find the ones made of crease-resistant fabric.

grey wedding suits for men

Make sure your body is accentuated with the grey wedding suits. You should also feel comfortable wearing the suits. Wedding reception can take hours. That is why the wedding suits should be comfortable. Get them well measured and tailored. When you are trying on the suits pay attention to the shoulders. Make sure the shoulder pads of the jacket does not too far neither too short from the shoulder areas. If the distance is too short, it means that the suits are too small this they can be very tight. Meanwhile, too big suits are not flattering. Actually different body types look great in particular suits. For instance, grooms who have broad and tall body look good in a wrap collar with a deep V-neck.

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Grooms having slim and short body, meanwhile, look better in pleated trousers paired with a well-tailored, light-colored jacket with not more than three buttons. A jacket with more buttons, on the other hand, is designed for tall and slim grooms. Find the right colored tie to wear with grey wedding suits. The rule is to wear different color of tie. Grey suits look great with blue and purple. On the day of wedding dress fitting, wear the actual shoes you are going to wear at the big day. This help figure out how you will look.

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