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Men’s Casual Dress Codes for Business Setting

Office dress codes may vary depending on the office rules. If you work in formal working place, the rules may be stricter than others. But there are also businesses that allow their employees to wear a pair of polo shirt and jeans. Just like women, men also should concern on the way they dress in their office. In this article we will discuss some guidelines of dressing casually for business setting. Men’s casual dress codes vary from one company to other companies. If you work in a smaller company, it may be acceptable to wear only a polo shirt and khakis. But, those who work at a larger corporation usually wear a sport coat with a tie. It means that every company has its own rules. The human resources department usually has informed the employees about the official guideline including on the way they should dress.

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Although your office allows you to go casual, sometimes there is a meeting that requires formal clothing. So, always check your schedule. You don’t want to show up in wrong attire, right? Men’s casual dress codes are far away from being informal. Make sure you get your clothes clean and ironed. Your dress should be not only casual but also professional. Some generally acceptable clothes include polo shirts, collared shirts, and knitted shirts. When you decide to wear a collared shirt, make sure you also wear an undershirt to get a professional look. Or, you can thing about a casual sport coat. For the bottoms, there are some ideas like chinos, khakis, or non-denim slacks. You are lucky if your company allows you to wear jeans. A pair of long jeans, in some situations belongs to casual clothing. But again, check the policy first. Sometimes jeans are not considered as appropriate.

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Remember that you should wear a belt. It is a must-wear accessory that men should wear in the office. Make sure the color of the belt matches the color of the shoes your wear and goes well with your clothing. A pair of matching socks is another thing you should not forget to wear under the shoes. Men’s casual dress codes also include the shoes. Casual clothes for business include loafers or boots. Oxfords can be worn, too. There is another useful tip to go casual. In case you are working place does not have written guidelines, observe what others are wearing and dress like time.

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