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Women Tattoo Ideas for Feet for Your Inspiration

ladies tattoo designs for feet

A foot is one of the areas in the body where women can put their tattoo. Feet tattoos can be placed either on one foot only or on both feet. Feet tattoos are favorable because they can be hidden inside the shoes. Meanwhile, you can show your tattoo off easily, too. There is a wide variety of women tattoo ideas ... Read More »

Back of Shoulder Tattoo for Women

back of shoulder tattoo placement

Tattoo is now not only popular among men but also among women to do toe the expansion of gender roles and feminism mainstreaming. There are many parts of the body where women like to place their tattoo such as foot, nape, wrist, arm, breast, and even pubic area. Among those places, back of shoulder tattoo become one of the most ... Read More »

Tattoos for Back Shoulder for Men Designs

tattoos for back shoulder for man ideas

One of the favorite tattoo placements for men is on the back shoulder. This area has a large and flat surface. Therefore, many tattoo designs and styles can be made here. Moreover, this area can be covered with clothes to ensure discretion. Tattoos for back shoulder for men come in several styles. Some of them are flesh out into the ... Read More »

Cross Tattoo Wrist Designs in Cool Ideas

inner wrist cross tattoo designs

The cross tattoo is considered as a religious symbol of Christians. People wear this tattoo to show their belief in Jesus Christ. But, there are a few people who do not know the origin of the design. These people like this tattoo because it is simple and appealing. This tattoo can be placed in some areas. Cross tattoo wrist designs ... Read More »

Some Good Tattoo Ideas in Unique Designs for Women

Some Good Tattoo Ideas 2013

Tattoo is continuously popular among modern women. There are many women who have tried many designs of tattoo. Usually women love to have feminine and girly tattoo design on their body. You may want something which is just different from others. If you want a unique tattoo design that does not look like everyone else’s, there are some good tattoo ... Read More »

Tattoos at Bottom of Back for Ladies

Tattoos at Bottom of Back 2013

Tattoo is not a taboo thing anymore for women. Even now, tattoo can have a feminine symbol for ladies. Women like to tattoo their body in places like back of the neck, lower back, foot, wrist, and upper arm. These places are considered as popular tattoo placement for women. Among those places, the bottom of the back is the most ... Read More »

Peacock Feathers Tattoos and Their Symbolic Meaning

peacock feathers tattoos meaning

Many people both women and men love tattoos. They see tattoos as an expression of their style, idea, and personality. These are represented with various tattoo symbols. One of the favorite tattoos is peacock feathers tattoos. Both women and men like these tattoos. Women usually put the tattoo below the nape of the neck, on foot, and ribs while men ... Read More »

Wedding Ring Tattoos in Trendy Styles

wedding ring tattoos designs

Just like wedding diamond ring, a ring tattoo also symbolizes commitment of married couple. Many years ago, ring tattoos were only worn for those whose occupations do not allow them to wear a wedding band for safety reasons such as in the military or factory work. In non-traditional wedding, wedding ring tattoos become increasingly popular. Some couples no longer wear ... Read More »

Tattoo Ideas for Women in Cool and Unique Look

tattoo ideas for women small

Nowadays, tattoo design is becoming popular among women. Different designs speak for different meanings such as tenderness, strength, bravery, innocent, and the like. It is a symbol that reflects the person having the tattoo. The designs can be simple or ornate depending on your personalities. Do not ever make a tattoo that does not match with your personalities. Fairy tattoos, ... Read More »

Sexy Tattoos for Women in Beautiful Design

sexy tattoos for women 2013

A tattoo can mean a thing for a woman. It can be a personal symbol of something such as love, belief, philosophy, hobby, etc. For some women, having a tattoo is sexy. The sexiness can be determined by its design and placement. There are sexy female tattoos that perhaps can inspire you. The most common tattoo idea is flower tattoo. ... Read More »