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Small Tattoo for Girl for Beginners

small tattoo for girls on hip

Tattoos were once considered to e extremely eccentric and even rebellious. At the moment, tattoos are seen as a part of fashion style. More women are getting tattoos. There is no longer negative perception that insults them. But still, women tend to choose small tattoo designs especially for those who are making tattoo for the first time. Small tattoos can ... Read More »

Shoulder Tattoos for Girls Words Ideas

shoulder tattoos for girls words idea

Words or phrases are favorable ideas for tattoo designs. There are unlimited ideas for female word tattoos such as names of love ones, poem, song lyrics, etc. If you decide to get a word tattoo, things like the color, location, and choice of words should be considered. Shoulder tattoos are the most popular ones as tattooing shoulder is less painful ... Read More »

Cross Wrist Tattoos: Expressing Faith and Style

cross wrist tattoos for guys

Tattoo is a medium to express feeling, idea, though, and religious belief. For Christians, cross tattoo can express their faith. Now, cross tattoo designs vary from simple to complex. Creative tattoo artists are able to make them more artistic and meaningful. Different techniques are used to make a wide variety of cross tattoos. Due to the unlimited design, cross tattoo ... Read More »

Small Women Tattoo Popular Ideas

small women tattoo designs

Tattoos are increasingly gaining worldwide popularity. They are now considered as something common for both men and women. They are seen as body art with meaningful message or expression. Unlike men who like to have larger tattoos on their body, most women, especially those who try for their first tattoo prefer to small women tattoo. Reasons why women opt for ... Read More »

Tattoos for Your Back Men: Some Cool Ideas

attoos for your back men ideas

Many women like men who have a tattoo on their back. A back is a favorite place for men to place their tattoo. If you want tattoos for your back men, you can recommend some cool ideas. Do not just try and error when dealing with tattoos because they are permanent. You will regret it if you make a wrong ... Read More »

Cross Anklet Tattoo Designs and Ideas

cross ankle tattoo designs

What is meant by anklet tattoo design? Have you ever heard about that? The name of the tattoo is related to the placement. Anklet tattoo means that the tattoo is placed around your ankle slightly above your foot. It will give a look like a bracelet. A good tattoo artist is able to make it look real so it will ... Read More »

Pretty Cross Tattoo for Women: Symbols and Interpretation

pretty cross tattoo for women ideas

Cross tattoo originally comes from Christianity symbol. As there are a lot of Christians who have this tattoo, including women, the demand of pretty cross tattoo for women is increasing. The most famous design of cross tattoo is Celtic design which has several different meanings. According Stephen Walker, a world class jewelry designer, the cross itself, is inspired by Druid ... Read More »

Words Tattoo Design Ideas For You

words tattoo design ideas

Tattooing has been common for centuries. The designs are not only an object but also words, phrases, or sentences. Although an object or a thing is able to represent something, something we need to add words to make the meaning clear. Even some people use only words. Usually the words tattoo shows their philosophy. It can be taken from a ... Read More »

Decent Looking Tattoos for Women in Small Size

decent looking tattoos for women photo

Do you want a tattoo in a decent look? Well, there are a lot of ideas. As tattoos for women have been around not only for years but also for centuries, many decent looking tattoos for women are available in various designs and sizes. Most women prefer small tattoos to large tattoos. There are some ideas of good small tattoos ... Read More »

Cool Back Tattoos Women Idea in Girly Designs

cool lower back tattoos for women

Just like men, many women are also interested in tattooing their body in cool ideas. Some popular designs actually have been very common among women, but they are still considered as cool ideas because the tattoos are unique or simple, beautiful, and meaningful. As a woman, of course you should find a tattoo design that is different from that of ... Read More »