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Finger under Dress and How to Wear It

Perhaps, most of you are still not familiar with what is called by finger under dress. Actually it is another name of a mini dress. Why it is called a finger under dress? It is because the hem of a mini dress often has the same length as your arms if you put them straight down to your hips. This dress began to be popular in 2007. Now, it is still popular among women from teenagers to adults. Many women like to wear this dress because it is considered as a fun and versatile trend. Actually this dress is not a must-have piece for all women to wear simply because it doesn’t appeal all women especially if they lack confidence show their legs. For those who are afraid to have a little fun with a finger under dress or a mini dress, there are some tips to wear and accessorize the dress.

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The most important to wear a finger under dress is to build confidence. If you are a kind of timid person, who are shamed to show off your legs, this dress is absolutely not for you. Boldness and confidence are two vital keys to wear this dress. When wearing a mini dress, choose the right footwear. The right shoes will make people notice you. For a more casual feel, for example when you go shopping or hang out at the weekend, pair the dress with flat sandals or shoes as they can down the look. In this outfit, you will look cute and casual. Women often wear a minidress to enhance sexiness. For this purpose, you can pair it with high heel stilettos. Meanwhile for a retro feel, wedge heels are the best friend of a mini dress.

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Sometimes, a finger under dress is worn with tights or leggings. You can go with that if you feel comfy. Usually tights or leggings are worn in colder months while for summer, going bare legs is the better. As wearing a minidress is a matter of confidence, decide how “mini” you want to go. There is no exact length for a dress to be called as a finger dress or a minidress. Sometimes a dress that falls slightly above the knee is called a minidress while other dresses may be super short. In order to know whether you are comfortable with the length of the dress, the only way is to try it in several times in several poses.

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