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Hair Styles Black Men in Modern Style

African-American men or black men have a variety of hairstyles. Some of them prefer short hair while the others feel confident with longer hair. For those who like short hair, close cuts become the most favorable one among other hair styles black men. Even some mind do not mind going bald. By going bald or nearly bad, there is less maintenance to do. Usually busy men do not have sufficient time to take care of their hair that they prefer to go bald. Some other men think that men with hair are sexier. That is why they tend to have a very close shave. Do you know Tyrese Gibson or Jamie Foxx? These African-American make artists have perfect close cuts. Their appearance becomes sophisticated and neat due to their hairstyle. They can be a good inspiration for you. This style is perfect for formal events where it is required for you to wear tuxedos or track suits. It also works to complement you office outfits. Close cuts include 360 waves, blended fades, etc.

curly hair styles black men

Another popular hairstyle that makes statement is natural afro. In African-American culture, afro hairstyle is very popular for both women and men. Actually afro belongs to short cuts but a little bit longer. The hair is cut not longer than 3 inches. It is tapered or blended on the sides, creating a sharp lining. Usually this style is picked by young men. Men having curly or wavy hair look best in this hairstyle. Hair styles black men require special care although it is short. It is very simple to take care of afro hair.  Since American-African hair has particular textile, adding Afro Sheen, Jam, or other moisturizer designed for the natural texture of black men’s hair.

short hair styles black men

When choosing hair styles black men, you should consider your personality. If you are a kind of man having a “rocker” personality, for example, try the Mohawk hairstyle. This contemporary style comes in a number of variations from shorter top high top with closely tapered sides. For those who tend to have longer lengths of hair, the good options will be dreadlocks or braids. There are some patterns and designs for these two hairstyles. You can also play with a variety of bead colors to decorate your hairstyle. To create a more clean-cut look, keep a crisp lining. Keep in mind that having dreadlocks or braids is challenging as the maintenance is more complex than close-cut hair.

long hair styles black men

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