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Hair Styles Black Men in Modern Style

curly hair styles black men

African-American men or black men have a variety of hairstyles. Some of them prefer short hair while the others feel confident with longer hair. For those who like short hair, close cuts become the most favorable one among other hair styles black men. Even some mind do not mind going bald. By going bald or nearly bad, there is less ... Read More »

Man Hair Style for Blacks: Hairstyle Tips

curly hair styles black men

Just like African-African women, black men also have the similar type of hair which is dry and thick. Men, therefore, may face problems in styling their hair. In fact, it is important for them to have a great-looking hair to complete their outfit. The best hairstyle helps impress special someone and enhance confidence as well. A good look starts from ... Read More »

Retro Hairstyles Men in Sophisticated Style

retro hairstyles men 2013

Retro hairstyles are not only popular among women but among men, too. While women have some retro options like casual long, messy medium length, and fringe, men also have their own style. Retro hairstyles men are originated from the 1950s. Since the last three years, retro hairstyle has come back to be in vogue. Retro hairstyles are considered as sophisticated, ... Read More »

Men Waves Hair Tips

men waves haircuts

Men waves hair is a popular hairstyle especially for black men and African-American community. It is often called as 360 waves. The hair is cropped very close to the head. It looks a lot like a Caesar cut styling. This hairstyle is favorable for men because it is visually tempting and fairly easy to maintain. Are you interested in this ... Read More »