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Highlights for Dark Hair Ideas

Natural dark hair is absolutely gorgeous. However, sometimes we just want to add a little color to the hair so a new look can be created. Instead of coloring the whole hair, it will be less risky and more stylish if you highlight your dark hair. Highlights for dark hair have been a common hairstyle for women since the decade. Lighter color is used to highlight the hair. It can be blonde, purple, red, brunette, and many more. Hair highlights require bleaching the hair strands. Foil strips are usually used by hairdressers to separate the highlighted strands and the natural dark hair. You can also highlighting the hair on your own using home highlighting kits. These kids are widely available in many beauty supply stores. The kits are equipped with a highlighting cap with holes.

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Highlights for dark hair come in a number of styles. The most common styles many years ago were the basic styles. There three basic types offered in hair salons. These include half head, full head, and T-bar. The most extreme one is the full head as it requires bleaching hair all over the head. Half-head method means only half of your hair bleached. A T-bar style, meanwhile, bleach only the front fringe area of the head back. When the hair is down, it creates a highlighted look. These basic styles developed into more various stylish styles. These are streaks, slices, and dip-dyed. Streaks are often called as chunky highlights. While many women tend to choose a sun-kissed look by having highlights in only one of two shades lighter, streaks contrast harshly to the natural hair color. It results in a dramatic appearance. For example rich deep brown hair is highlighted with light blonde. The highlights are usually placed around the face to make it well-framed.

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Thinner highlights or slices are more favorable as the highlights flawlessly blend with the rest of the hair. Slices sometimes incorporate more than one shade for example caramel and blonde. The highlights can be placed in any places you like. Some highlights for dark hair have a golden appearance. This contrasts with any dark hair tone. This is called dip-dyed effect. This style can be achieved with highlight foils wrapping only the hair tips. Stylish many play with different timing of bleaching. This results in different tone of highlights. Some are darker than the other. Ask advice for your hairstylist to explore other appealing effects.

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