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Dark Hair with Red Highlights: Color Ideas

dark hair with red highlights pictures

Women with dark hair are often interested with hair highlights. Dark hair is versatile meaning that any colors go well with it. If you are a kind of person who seeks a little style drama, consider dark hair with red highlights. Although your color options have been narrowed down to red, still finding the best shade to complement dark hair ... Read More »

Highlights for Dark Hair Ideas

highlights for dark hair color

Natural dark hair is absolutely gorgeous. However, sometimes we just want to add a little color to the hair so a new look can be created. Instead of coloring the whole hair, it will be less risky and more stylish if you highlight your dark hair. Highlights for dark hair have been a common hairstyle for women since the decade. ... Read More »

Blonde under Black Hair for Women

blonde underneath black hair tumblr

I bet you have seen a lot of women with blonde under black hair style. This hairstyle is very popular these days. For those who have not seen this style before, just open some fashion magazines or surf the internet, you will be amazed of how this unique hairstyle can offer flirty and funky look. When it is done well, ... Read More »

Red Hair with Highlights Trend

red hair with highlights pictures

Red hair with highlights can be awesome if you have your hair styled properly. The highlights add extra dimension and depth to your hair. These new highlighted locks should be styled in such a way so that your hair can be more impressive. You can try some different hairdos as explained here. For daily style, try simple pinned back hair. ... Read More »

Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights to be Done at Home

brown hair with blonde highlights miley cyrus

Brown hair with blonde highlights is very popular right now. This hairstyle has been sported by many celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Britney Spears, and many more. Good result of blonde highlights on your brown hair can be achieved with the help of professional hairstylist. However, with a moderate skin level you can do this project on your own ... Read More »

Black Hair with Red Highlights: The Current Hairstyle

black hair with red highlights hairstyles

Women with deep black hair are definitely beautiful. However, sometimes we just get bored of our current hair color. Adding highlights is the best idea to bring a new look. There are many highlights ideas for black hair as black hair can go well with just any color. Choose your favorite color, tone, or combination. Black hair with red highlights ... Read More »

Honey Blonde Hair Color for a Trendy Bombshell

honey blonde hair color dark and lovely

Do you notice that honey blonde is this season’s hot new hair color? Nicole Richie, Beyonce, Kate Moss, Lindsay Lohan, and many other famous stars have flaunted their flattering honey blonde hair color in many events. These celebrities inspire many women to choose this shade to give a sexy look.  Every haircut from messy bob to long updo looks more ... Read More »

Hair Highlights Caramel Ideas

hair highlights caramel color

Hair highlights caramel works best for dark brown hair such as seal brown, sepia, or chocolate brown. It looks gorgeous on brown hair because caramel has golden undertone color. These highlights can make any haircut look very trendy. It means that no matter what your haircut is, your brown hair will look more fabulous with caramel highlights. These highlights do ... Read More »

Caramel Highlights for Dark Brown Hair for Easy Makeover

caramel highlights for dark brown hair 2013

Are you thinking of a makeover to brighten up your look? Sometimes it is just necessary to experiment with a variety of shades if you feel a little bit bored with your dark brown hair. Women with such brown hair can look different overnight with lighter highlights. You are lucky if you have dark brown because there are a range ... Read More »

Brown Hair and Blonde Highlights for summer

light brown hair and blonde highlights

Heading to summer, people are busy looking for an idea for their hair to debut a new look. Summer is blissful, so is you hair. Summer is identical with airy and bright and people like to spend their time outside under the sun. You can try different hair that looks better for either tanner skin or sunless tan. Summer is ... Read More »